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Book Review: The Undercover Mother by Emma Robinson

Adult, Contemporary Fiction, Humor
Publication Date:March 20, 2018
Published By:  Bookourture 
Website:Emma Robinson  

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Have you ever wondered what secrets other mothers are keeping?

Jenny has too much on her plate: literally – she’s only pregnant with one child but she’s already eating for three. Not to mention trying to juggle her future life with a baby, a nightmare boss, a know-it-all sister, and a bizarrely laid back husband.

She used to be famous for her ‘Single Girl About Town’ journalism. But not only is she bored of parties, she also hasn’t been single for years, and is now 8½ months pregnant.

So when her boss hands her column to a younger colleague, Jenny panics and proposes instead writing about being a clueless new mum. Surely people will find her new friendship group fascinating? Even if the only thing they have in common is that they all had sex around the same time 9 months ago...

Like – what’s the deal with scary Gail’s mystery husband? How is posh mum Antonia already out drinking when Jenny can barely make a cup of tea? Why isn’t sweet-natured Ruth answering any phone calls?

And if her readers aren’t quite hooked yet, maybe Jenny will just have to be more liberal with the truth. After all, none of the other mums will read it… will they?

The Undercover Mother is a feel-good parenting page turner that will make you laugh, cry and recognize every moment. Perfect for fans of Why Mummy Drinks and The Bad Mother’s Diary.


My first thoughts for this book are laugh out loud hilarious! I simply couldn't stop laughing through this book. Emma Robinson's writing is so relatable that any Mother/Reader can put herself in Jenny's shoes.

Does having a baby change you? Are you different from those perky, single gals that can stay out past midnight and dress to impress every day? Jenny doesn't think so. She is determined to take maternity leave and come back to her column " The Single Girl About Town" with nothing stopping her. That is until Jenny's boss gives her the bad news. She's been replaced! Now Jenny is bound and determined to write a new, funny blog to impress her boss so she can have a new column once she's ready to work again. However, Jenny has NO IDEA what she's getting herself into.

Jenny meets a great bunch of ladies who she dubs “The Spice Mums” and discovers life with a baby is a bit different to what she was expecting.

The book is hilarious and fun. It capture perfectly the transition experience from a woman to a mom. In the middle of this book, I was afraid that it will offer a cliché conflict of chic lit, but thankfully, that predictable conflict is resolved quickly in a non dramatic way.

I think this book will be great for first time mothers looking for the fun in all their frustrations as well as seasoned mothers who can totally relate to what they went through right after they realized their whole world was about to change.

About the Author

Emma Robinson thinks of herself as one of the ‘Bridget Jones generation’ – who are now grown up and having children – and writes novels for women who feel the same.

She also has a blog, Motherhood for Slackers, which takes a humorous look at parenthood, and includes poems such as ‘Dear Teacher’ about her son starting school which has been shared around the world. Emma is an English teacher and lives in Essex with a patient husband and two children who are an endless source of material.

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