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Mishibox - March Box Review | Korean Beauty Subscription Box

Today, I am back with yet another Mishibox review! I got the March box a while back, but didn't get a chance to post about it before.  Here's a look at the products that were included in March!

MSHIBOX is a brand new monthly beauty subscription box that delivers hand-picked, top-quality Korean beauty products straight to your door! Every (adorable) box comes with a combination of 4-6 sample-size and full-size products. It can be anything from skincare to makeup and all the amazing things in-between. 

The cost of this monthly subscription box is simply unbeatable - $19.95!!! And, amazingly, you can choose to subscribe for the entire year (and save $12), or buy one box at a time. And they now offer FREE world wide shipping. 

I would highly recommend giving this awesome subscription box a try. The products you get are pretty high-end and very popular in Asia, plus you won't be able to get some of them anywhere else in the USA or Canada. 

MISHIBOX folks also opened up an online store where you can buy any of the products previously included in the box. Personally, I love that option, as I love one of the products included in the past boxes (The Ceramizing Cream from Skin Watchers) and was super happy that I was able to order a second batch of it!

What's in the box?!

* Featured in this photo are two more products that weren't included in the box, but which I bough on the Mishibox website in addition to the box (The Aloe skin toner, Ceramizing Cream), Blueberry mask, Skymilk and two cream samples were included as a bonus.

The June 2015 box included:

  Enzyme Powder Wash from @skin_watchers_shop
 | full size

        My thoughts: I really like using it. It's something I've never used before and it took a couple of times to get used to it, but I love the deep clean and almost scrub-feeling it offers. It leaves my face feeling very fresh and clean. It's a product I would buy again for sure!

  Graymelin Foot butter | full size

     My thoughts: Living in high desert can take its toll on your skin, especially your feet and elbows, so this was just the perfect product for me. I actually ordered one of those from the Mishibox store, not knowing it would be included in the box, but no regrets there. It's a thick cream that moisturizes amazingly and smells divinely (like butterscotch candy). I definitely recommend it!

  Fascy Moisture Bomb Hand Cream | full size
     My thoughts: I don't use hand cream very often, as I work on my computer a lot and just don't like the greasy feeling of them, so I haven't been using this one a whole lot, but it smells really nice and seems to moisturize well. If you're into hand creams, I think this line might be worth giving a try!

  Monthly New Feet socks pack | full size

     My thoughts: Haven't used it yet, but I love the concept! These are socks that you sleep in, that exfoliate and regenerate your skin. I am waiting for some colder days to try these out, but they sound awesome!

  Pure Green Tea Whitening Mask | full size

     My thoughts: I love Korean sheet masks. That is all. 

  Package Melt Me Softly Blackheads Nose Pack

     My thoughts: Haven't used this one yet, either, but from my experience, all the products designed to help remove the black heads are wonderful. I've tried a couple of them, and while I don't have blackheads myself, they do help clear your skin a lot and exfoliate any sort of gunky stuff that might be hiding in your pores. 

Find out more:
Check out MISHIBOX Website and follow these amazing guys on Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date with their shenanigans :)

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