Saturday, October 24, 2015

Baby Product: Keima Large Diaper Tote Bag Set

About Keima Large Diaper Bag Set:

100% Waterproof Nylon, easy to wipe clean. Big Bag Size: L16.54'' * W7'' * H26''. Small Bag Size: L16.54'' * W7'' * H26''.

My Thoughts

This is a great diaper bag set! Until recently, I've been using an over-expensive organic cotton diaper bag that I also received for review - it was nice looking, but not functional at all! Upon getting this set, I've switched to using it and never looked back.

With the Keima set you get:
  • 1 LARGE diaper bag (16.54'' x 7'' x 26') with three zipped compartments (the main one, one on the side inside and one on the front outside), as well as two bottle/baby powder compartments on both sides (they don't have zippers, but the stretch bands hold whatever you put inside them firmly in place).
  • 1 MEDIUM size diaper bag (I'd call it small, but it's actually a decent size - 16.54'' x 7'' x 26) - the layout and features are the same as with the large bag, so three compartments are zipped and two bottle compartments on both sides.
  • 1 Bottle sleeve with a zipper that will fit most baby bottles. It's large enough to fit my toddler's sippy cup!
  • 1 Small food container for snacks, etc.
  • 1 Changing pad in newborn size.

I find this set to be very well designed, vibrant, stylish and extremely functional. The large bag is really quite large, so you should be able to fit in it absolutely everything you need to. This is the one I bring with us on our weekend visits to grandparent's place. I can easily load it with 10-15 diapers, 3 changes of clothes, snacks, my daughter's favorite plush toy, baby powder, baby wipes - you name it, it all fits in there.

When we take a short day-trip somewhere, I usually go with the smaller one. It's perfectly functional and reasonably spacious.

I love that the bags are lined with waterproof material on the inside, so even if your child's bottle leaks, the liquid won't soak through. They're made with 100% waterproof nylon, so they're mess-proof and easy to clean. They come with two types of straps - two short ones on the sides of the zipper, and one long one for carrying on your shoulder. The side rings are big enough to be clipped onto the stroller, if you happen to own a set of stroller hooks.

Overall, I really love this set. It's so pretty and colorful. The bags are spacious and functional. There's really nothing to complain about here. I highly recommend this set - it would make a great gift for expecting moms, too!

Disclaimer: I received a FREE sample of the product in exchange for my honest review.

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