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Book Review: Only Everything by Kieran Scott

Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Comedy
Publication.Date  May 6th 2014
Published By:  Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
AuthorKieran Scott

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My review copy:Received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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Sometimes the gods can be so unreasonable.

Like Zeus, the king, who thinks the proper reaction to finding me kissing a mortal is to threaten my boyfriend Orion's life, banish me to Earth, and force me to inspire true love between three couples without my powers. I know! Elders! I'm Eros, a.k.a. Cupid. The Goddess of Love. Until this morning, anyway.

Now I'm stuck on Earth with no clue how to function as a human, and I can't even conjure up my magical bow and arrows to help me do my job. I've already met this amazing guy—Charlie, a new kid in school like me—but matching him up isn't as easy as I thought. Turns out opposites don't attract, nearly identicals don't attract, and giving a guy what he seems to want is just one big disaster. My sweet new friend Katrina might work, but she's got more complications than Medusa's hair, and a live-in boyfriend with a serious mean streak. Probably not the best idea to go there.

If I don't make a match, I may never see Orion again. I have so much to lose, and only everything to gain.

"I'd rather die than live without you."

     God, I love Kieran Scott and her sense of humor. 

     Not only is Only Everything genuinely funny and sweet, it's also quite deep, moving and full of spot-on observations about modern society, technology, and relationships. I loved this book so much the first time I've read it (last year, in August), but I think I loved it even more the second time around. The humor never gets old, and the entertaining plot line and wonderful characters make this an all-around favorite of mine. This book really exceeded all my expectations, guys!

     When Eros a.k.a. Cupid is caught openly defying the all-powerful Zeus, she finds herself in a bit of a pickle. Zeus does not take kindly to being deceived and defied. He decides to punish Eros by stripping her off her powers and casting her down to Earth, where she'll have to form true love between three couples. She only has a limited time to do so, she doesn't have her match-making superpowers to rely on, and she has to live among humans and be able to pass as one herself. And if she fails, her beloved Orion will die. 

     Eros starts high school as True Olympia and begins her mission-almost-impossible by trying to help Charlie and Katrina fall in love. Without godly tricks up her sleeve, True will have a hard time match-making. Can the goddess of love succeed without her supernatural powers? 

     Only Everything is the first book in a trilogy, and it's simply fantastic. It's a romantic comedy mashed-up with Greek mythology and written in an incredibly engaging and entertaining way. Full of laugh-out-loud hilarious situations but also more profound reflections on love, human connections and technology, it's a very rich and satisfying story. Kieran's writing offers unexpected complexity and plenty of insight, and it captures the ups and downs of teenage relationships and capriciousness of Greek gods very well. It's a fun and illuminating read. 

     The characters - True in particular - are wonderful. As the story progresses, we begin to see a more caring and thoughtful side of True. I really loved this aspect of the story. True was a fantastic heroine - defiant, dedicated, often times completely clueless and hilarious, but also smart, brave and fierce. She really cared about her new friends and was ready to sacrifice anything - even her own life - to save the one she loved. 

     If you enjoy Greek mythology served in the form of light and sweet romantic comedy, you will absolutely love the True Love series. It's clever, witty, charming and heart-felt. It's also genuinely funny and will make you grin a lot while reading. And be prepared to pick up the second book right after finishing this one, because the ending will send you scrambling for the next volume. 

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