Wednesday, June 24, 2015

MyAlbum Review - Visual Storytelling at its finest!

I recently got the opportunity to play with this amazing new and absolutely incredible online album website that allows you to not only upload your content and create stunning albums, but also enhance the viewing experience by adding notes, maps, weather info and speed. You can totally upload videos to your albums, too, making one-of-a-kind presentations that are so much better than dusty old printouts lying in your drawer. 

This here, is the future of visual storytelling! 

I have been looking for a new, creative and fun way to store my precious family photos. I take pictures with the highest resolution possible, and I have trouble deleting even the blurry shots of my little one, so my computer disk runs out of space in no time. Add to that all the photos I take for the blog and my Amazon product reviews, and it is a matter of days before I need to sit down and purge the disk again. And again. 

Yup, don't want to do that anymore. But how do I ensure my photos are stored safely and securely. And on top of that, how do I keep the original resolution? Most online albums resize your photos to a set standard! Thankfully, MyAlbum does not. When you upload your photos they do get resized for the purpose of creating the presentation, but whenever you decide to download them again, you get the originals. I thought that was very neat! 

If you would like to learn more about MyAlbum, create your own albums and presentations, or just check out how exactly their visual storytelling works and looks, follow this link: CLICK

Please note: MyAlbum allows you to easily share all or some of your albums via Facebook, Twitter, Email, Pinterest and embedding your albums on your blog or website.

Don't miss out this chance to create something special - get your MyAlbum today! (signing up is free!) 

And here is a sneak-peak at the album I am currently working on. These are our family photos, so I am adding new shots to this album every day. When time permits, I am also planning to add notes and other interesting tidbits of information to help me remember all these precious moments!

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