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Almost Night by Emily White (Review & Giveaway)

Adult, Fantasy
Publication.Date  May 5, 2013
Published By:  Author
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Fourteen-year-old Lilly Grey exists in two worlds at the same time. She just doesn't know it.

As the only albino in a million mile radius, Lilly is used to being different. Pink eyes and white hair aren't exactly the best camouflage in the harrowing jungles formally known as high school. And yeah, she's used to being an outcast and seeing the world in a slightly different way, but she never guessed how literally "different" applied to her.

Not until a clan of shape-shifting dragons tell her she's not just albino. She's a unicorn and the only mortal alive who can live on both Earth and its antithesis, Morcah. Now all those times she thought she saw a floating brown blotch in the sky or eyes peering out at her from the bark of trees make sense. She's been seeing Morcah, a land that exists in the exact same spot as Earth, just in a different phase.

But it's not all sunshine and rainbows for this unicorn. As the only one who can live in both phases, she's also the only one who can bring Morcah--and all its inhabitants--to Earth. And creatures who've been trapped on Earth since the Dark Ages are willing to do worse things than kill to make that happen.


  There was a certain expectation that I had when I started this book, and I feared that maybe I had built myself up too much.  I love the idea of unicorns and dragons... I mean how awesome is that idea?  What ended up blowing me away, was how well Emily White pulled these two beings together.  Between the covers, my expectations were not only met but exceeded. 

  Something special lays within the pages of this book.  White created something that I personally have never seen before.  She created a story in which the Unicorn is not only dangerous but it is a teenage girl, and unaware of the power she holds.  I found that it was hard to not hold me breath at times and hope that what I thought was coming wasn't coming.  The world that Lily herself lived in was something that you could expect, but the alternate world that she wove into it was not.  The world beyond the one we know was not walked in but through Lily we got to catch glimpses of it.  There were times that even with the wonderful crafted world I wished the pace would move a little faster, but honestly this did not happen often.  For the most part the pacing was fantastic and the lulls were shadowed, and swallowed by the creative and unique story.

  When I first met Lily, I was really having a hard time connecting with her.  I could get that she was isolated being an albino but she didn't seem to have any fight, any backbone.  To start it seemed that her relationship with her best friend Maggie was the only thing that kept her going.  Once that ended and the storm within Lily's life started to gain momentum that she truly shined.  It took losing everything for Lily to gain what she always had inside of her, for her to reach the potential that was deep inside of her.  Once she found some new friends and the something special that was within her, she changed...everything changed.  There is no denying that by the end of the book I found myself thinking that Lily has strength, and it's going to take a lot more than a shitty best friend and some evil looks to stop her.

  There is something fun about the romance in this book.  Some parts are hot and some parts frustrating but it all rolled into something I liked.  I think what I really liked was Ian.  He was not quite a knight in shining armer but he was the dragon fighting for the princess.  Okay... So he wasn't fighting for her but there was something between the two that is undeniable.  I am still to this moment not quite sure where Lily and Ian stand, but in my defence I am not sure they do either.  Not because they are a terrible love roller coaster, but because at this point there is no real way to define what is between them.  I have hopes of where White will go with the romance but I also feel that with what she has created, almost anything will go.

  Though I have wanted to pick up Emily White's other books, I have not yet had the chance and Almost Night makes me regret that.  I really look forward to the next book in this series and seeing where everything goes...well that and another stunning cover.  There are so many unique elements working together in this novel, and I believe that White did this in a way that no one else could.  If you are a fan of fantasy I suggest that you give this one a try, you might just find your next favourite read!

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About the Author

Emily White is a nerd. 
She prefers her men fully clothed and donning bow-ties, her commas British, her books cheesy with big, overly-dramatic explosions, her characters awkward and endearingly real,* and watching her movies in authentic turn-of-the-century theaters. When not exposing her nerdy self to the world, she's creating her own friends and putting them in horrible, yet sometimes humorous situations.
Check out her YA Space Opera series starting with Elemental (Spencer Hill Press, 2012), continuing with FAE (February 2014), and ending sometime in the near future with a book she has yet to write. She's also authored a collection of Steampunk (zombie, werebot romance) flash fiction, if you're into those kinds of things, titled "To Love or Die in a Steamy-Reamy World."
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