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Blog Tour: The Wolf's Cry by Natalie Crown (Guest Post + Giveaway)

Thanks for stopping by my tour stop for The Wolf's Cry by Natalie Crown. This is a YA Fantasy book that released in January 2014. This is the first book in the The Semei Trilogy. This tour will run March 10th-21st and consist of reviews, author interviews, guest posts, top tens and a giveaway. Stop by the tour page for the full list of tour stops.

Guest Post:

My Favourite Bookish Things

So, if you know me well you know that I can get a bit obsessive over things. Writing is no different. Books in general and the whole idea of creating stories is something I constantly crave and adore. I can spend significant chunks of my time on my own because of this, which I realise is nothing unique! It's something that I guess a lot of you can relate too? I'm lucky in that it takes a very bad mood for me to become bored. Otherwise, there is always some book to read, or some words to jot down. I do become a bit of a hermit at times, but I that's okay. Most of my friends are used to it now, I think?
Anyway, the point of this post is to share some of my favourite bookish things. Places, objects, books - there is a whole variety of things here that remind me of or put me in the mood for writing in some way.
First - the two places that most inspire me to write.
Mum's House

I love going back home so damn much, I even took a whole week off work last year to finish final edits back at mum's. She lives in the countryside so it's very quiet and peaceful. Mum and my stepdad are out at work through the day so I have time to concentrate. Then mum comes home and cooks me dinner! Win/Win, right?
On top of that, MY CATS ARE THERE. Admittedly, they distract me from writing more often than not. But being home makes me happy and happiness helps with anything. Tizer, the white one, doesn't actually have an alien eye. Ebby, the black one, did lose her eye many many years ago though.

Our Place in Italy - Alife, Campania

My mum is Italian and we are very lucky to have a place to stay in the south of Italy. We call it 'the farm' because it was a farm back in the day when Nonna was a little girl. The farm sits at the foot of a mountain and it is just so, so beautiful. It helps that we usually go in the summer, so the weather is normally great and the food is fantastic. I am an Italy FANGIRL. It is my favourite place in the world and I love sitting at the table upstairs and looking out over the mountains as I write. It is incredibly inspirational.
Pretty Notebooks

You know how some girls can't resist that bag, or that pair of shoes - despite the fact that they have a million pairs similar and really don't need anymore? That is me but with notebooks. Don't let me anywhere near Paperchase or any gift shops. If I see a pretty notebook, I cannot resist it. Honestly, I get through my notebooks because I like to write by hand rather than type - but I have such an insane backlog at the moment.
Paperchase Pens

These pens are only £2 each from Paperchase and they are so damn nice to write with. It has now gotten to the point where I don't like to 'write' with anything else. And the great thing is that the designs change frequently! Which is why I have such a cool collection. Honestly, I'm so easy to buy gifts for.
My Satchel

This is a new addition, as I got this bad boy for Christmas BUT JUST LOOK AT IT. I love it so much. I actually don't get to use it that often, but it's purpose is for days when I'm taking my writing out and about. I love the British Library and I want to spend more time writing there. This fella can carry my laptop and all my notebooks, and it looks pretty while doing it! (This box is where I keep my notebooks and I heart it.)

I love writing with candles, even in broad daylight. I guess because they smell nice and the flickering light is...a bit magical, maybe? I can't really explain it, especially because I HATED candles as a kid. My mum would have parties and she would light a million of them and I wouldn't sleep until I had blown them all out because I was scared the house would catch fire. Make of that what you will.
My Bookcase

I moved into my flat a year ago this month. I had to buy all my furniture as it was my first home away from home, other than uni. The thing I was most excited to get? My bookcase! I also refused to buy the cheapest option because it just wasn't pretty enough. Not that this one was expensive, really, but I had to be able to look at my bookcase with love, you know? I suck at keeping it tidy but once a year I try to have a go.
Of's not big enough to hold ALL my books but hey, what can you do.

Last but not least...what is a writing day without a few cups of tea? I even have special pretty tea cups for those days dedicated to writing. Is that taking things too far? Maybe.
So that's just a little insight into my bookish things. Do you have anything similar for when you're reading/writing/hoarding books?

Book Title: The Wolf's Cry (Book One in the Semei Trilogy)
Author: Natalie Crown
Genre: YA Fantasy
Recommended Age: YA
Length: PDF is 199 pages
She is his weakness.
And she will ruin everything.
Kammy Helseth's idea of adventure never amounted to more than getting a boat across to the mainland and finally escaping to London. That was until she stumbled through the mouth of the forest into a world beneath our own, the world of the Semei.

Her only wish is to find her way home but when Jamie, her best friend, is taken into this new world of shapeshifters and Crystals she has no choice but to stand up to her fear and to remain beneath the surface. Hunted by Bagor, King of Alashdial, and those that are loyal to him, Kammy finds herself in the company of a group of outlaws led by Jad, a Prince with a bitter past and a similarly bitter demeanour.

They overcome age-old prejudice to find a way to work together. But Bagor knows a secret about the Crystals that threatens to change everything. Kammy and Jad must find a way to thwart the king and to save Jamie, but that is just the beginning. For Kammy is in possession of a Key and the fate of countless lives, both human and Semei, may rest in her hands.
Book Links:
Goodreads | Amazon

About the author

I grew up in a village called Swilland, in the countryside of Suffolk, England. There wasn't much around, other than farms and fields, but for the most part I loved it, and I still do. I’m a passionate person by nature. I don’t just LIKE things, I LOVE things. Whether it’s a book, a film, or a sports team. Once I decide to enjoy something, I enjoy it to the MAX.

I’m a terrible cook. I prioritise essential social media work over keeping my flat tidy, because I know best. I

Onto my love of reading and, consequently, writing - it was my dad that played a big role in encouraging me to read. He didn't push me towards books necessarily; he simply read a lot himself. Then I would pick up his books and read them after him. I was reading high and epic fantasy from a very young age. I guess that might explain why I have always loved adventure stories with magic and intrigue and princes and princesses in.

I was aware that I wanted to ‘be a writer’ from a very young age. I was convinced I would be the first best seller that hadn't reached double figures in age yet! I wrote about the Danshees, furry creatures that lived through a mirror. I wrote about a Sand Bottle that transported a boy into a world of magic. I wrote about a sick girl finding a music boy that healed her, but transported her back in time. (Wow, I always have loved alternate universes…)

When I was eight I wrote my first novel called The Land of No Return. Despite the title, I am determined to return to it one day. I feel like I owe it to my past self. So, as you can see, I have always been writing. There have been times when I have gone weeks without scratching down a word. Then there are days where I churn out multiple chapters and only my body’s silly desire for sleep and/or food can stop me.

I write because I enjoy it. I write fantasy because I enjoy it. I try my hardest to put something of myself into my writing. I like to think my characters have depth, I like to think that my fantasy worlds reflect upon the real world in some way. You guys will be the judge of that but even if you don't agree I know that I at least try and I can do no more than that.

These days I live in North London and I love it. I work full time and London is a hectic city. Juggling work, writing and a social life is tough but nobody is forcing me to do it so I can't complain. The dream is that writing will be my career one day but it doesn't matter if I never quite make it. I love writing too much to ever pack it in.

I am desperate to get a dog. My mum suspects I miss my cats at home more than I miss her. I am a devout Arsenal/Ferrari/Rafael Nadal fan. I get all mad when confronted with a case of social injustice and then I get all mad when people take the fight for social justice too far. I mostly keep those thoughts to myself and simmer with rage. I watch good TV and bad TV, because I can. What I can’t do is enjoy bad books (subjective opinion of course). I just can’t.

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