Thursday, June 7, 2018

A YA Prom to Remember!

It's prom season! Whether you are a current high school student or graduated, we all remember prom at our high school. The flurry of planning - who are you going with, what are you going to wear, how will you do your hair - and all that goes with it.

For my senior high school prom, many moons, ago, I went with a friend of mine. I didn't have a boyfriend at the time but nor did I want to go stag. So I told a friend of mine he was going with me. Didn't ask. Didn't question. Told.

We "doubled" with one of my best friends and her date - also as friends. In a way, I think I enjoyed it more going with friends than I did with a date. I went to prom with a then-boyfriend my junior year and while it was fun, it didn't have the same level of funness as when I went with friends.

Here are some of my prom pictures - thanks to my friend's Facebook page because my pictures are still buried in a box somewhere. . . Where are those pictures?!

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This year, to celebrate both prom and A Prom to Remember by Sandy Hall, Swoon Reads and Fierce Reads are joining forces to throw a YA Prom To Remember!

For my YA dream prom, I choose to accept the promposal (I hate those things so much - what happened to "Will you go to prom with me?" It worked just fine for so many years) from my first YA love - Phoenix from The Violet Eden Chapters. (Embrace / Entice / Emblaze / Endless / Empower)

Phoenix (aka Jared Leto) and I will be arriving to prom in a 2019 Jaguar F-Type (I went all out with the customization on this car and it's a measly $135,000). My dress is a Belle inspired gown designed and created by Nephi Garcia of Designer Daddy Studio fame (seriously, you need to check out his Instagram).

Tell me about your YA Prom and be sure to checkout the hashtag on Twitter (#YAPromToRemember) for more dream YA prom experiences!

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