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Mishibox - March 2018 Review | Korean Beauty Subscription Box

Today, I am back with yet another Mishibox review! Every now and then I fall down the Korean Beauty rabbit whole.. and it happened again (#noregrets).  Here's a look at the products that were included in March!

MSHIBOX is a monthly beauty subscription box that delivers hand-picked, top-quality Korean beauty products straight to your door! Every (adorable) box comes with a combination of 4-6 sample-size and full-size products. It can be anything from skincare to makeup and all the amazing things in-between. 

The cost of this monthly subscription box is simply unbeatable - $19.95!!! And, amazingly, you can choose to subscribe for the entire year (and save $12), or buy one box at a time. And they now offer FREE world wide shipping. 

I would highly recommend giving this awesome subscription box a try. The products you get are pretty high-end and very popular in Asia, plus you won't be able to get some of them anywhere else in the USA or Canada. 

MISHIBOX folks also opened up an online store where you can buy any of the products previously included in the box. Personally, I love that option, as I love one of the products included in the past boxes (The Ceramizing Cream from Skin Watchers) and was super happy that I was able to order a second batch of it!

What's in the box?!

The March 2018 box included:

  Natural Japonica Seed Oil 100  | full size

        My thoughts: I have tried many oils over the years, but this will be my first Japonica oil and I’m especially excited to try it on my desert cracked heels.

  Pretti Ban Ban Water Barrier Cream 

     My thoughts: I’m just about done with my Ceramizing cream from Skin Watchers (which was introduced to me by Mishibox, too, and which I absolutely LOVE), so it’s a great timing! I have tried this cream a couple of times already and really like the consistency of it. It's not too heavy, but moisturizes well. 

  J.One (the company launched by Ha Ji Won!) Pack Luminous Mask | full size

     My thoughts: Haven't tried it yet, but it's Ha Ji Won's brand, so I am willing to be it's going to be pretty darn amazing. It's supposed to be clarifying and moisturizing - can't wait to slap it on!

  L’ador Keratin Power Sleeping ampoule  | 

     My thoughts: I have never used a sleeping ampoule on my hair. I am not entirely sure how I feel about it - you're supposed to wash your hair in the evening, towel dry it a bit, apply the product (rub it in) and then dry your hair and go to sleep. Sounds pretty straight forward and as soon as I have enough energy one of those evenings to wash my hair (usually it's part of my morning routine), I will update this post with the results.

  Mizon Joyful Time Essence Mask | full size

     My thoughts: I got the Aqua one (there was a variety included in the boxes) and I tried it the first day and really liked it. It's moisturizing, it seems to have a bit alcohol in it (I could be wrong, I am just judging by the faint smell, kind of like a toner), but it feels very gentle on the face. I had a bit of dry patches on my cheeks and the mask seemed to have worked its magic, because the dry skin felt much better in the morning (almost completely gone). Would definitely buy this again.

Find out more:
Check out MISHIBOX Website and follow these amazing guys on Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date with their shenanigans :)

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