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True Love by Jennifer Lopez {Not Your Average Book Review}


Non Fiction
Publication.Date:November 4th 2014
Published By:  Celebra

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In Jennifer Lopez’s first ever book, True Love, she explores one of her life’s most defining periods—the trans-formative two-year journey of how, as an artist and a mother, she confronted her greatest challenges, identified her biggest fears, and ultimately emerged a stronger person than she’s ever been. Guided by both intimate and electrifying photographs, True Love an honest and revealing personal diary with hard-won lessons and heartfelt recollections and an empowering story of self-reflection, rediscovery, and resilience.

Completely full-color, with photos throughout and lavishly designed, True Love is a stunning and timeless book that features more than 200 never-before-seen images from Lopez’s personal archives, showing candid moments with her family and friends and providing a rare behind-the-scenes look at the life of a pop music icon travelling, rehearsing, and performing around the world

I wake up in bed alone. The silence in my room reminds me of the emptiness in my heart. I failed at love__again. Except this time, it wasn't just me. I am haunted by the inescapable thought that I let down my beautiful babies, Max and Emme. I wanted so badly for things to have turned out differently.

Whenever it feels uncomfortable to tell the truth, that's often the most important time to tell it.

You have to take care of yourself, your body, your mind, take care of your soul__be your own keeper

Every single one of us struggles with relationships. Whether it be a marriage or a boyfriend/girlfriend situation. Lately I have been going through some hard times that I never saw coming. I was completely blindsided by them and I had no idea how to react to them. This post, although a bit hard for me, is something I felt the need to share. Since everyone that reads this blog shares a love of reading as I do, I feel connected in some way with each and every one of you. We all experience difficulties in life. This book found its way into my sights at just the right moment and touched me so deeply, I felt the need to share.
I have always admired Jennifer Lopez. I first started following her career when I saw the movie Selena and I just thought she was such a great singer and performer. Ever since then, I have kept up with what she has been doing. She has had several failed relationships that have been very public. She talks about her breakup with Marc and how this relationship opened her eyes to her patterns in love. She couldn't figure out why she couldn't get love right.
When someone hurts you, you automatically tend to blame yourself. You think what could I have done differently? Why wasn't I good enough? But in reality, relationships fail for many different reasons and usually it isn't your fault. It is just circumstances working against you.
 Jennifer discusses her last few serious relationships and starts to realize that she spent a lot of time trying to be perfect. She wanted this person to believe she could be their everything. When she couldn't be perfect, she started to be sad. This was a pattern she found kept repeating over and over again.  She then realized she wasn't happy within herself. I know its crazy. Jenifer Lopez wasn't happy with herself? But, I guess she really is just like you and me. I loved the realness of this novel. I felt as if she was sitting down and having lunch with me and giving me all this great advice based on her past experiences and heartaches.
You have to be happy with you, before you can make someone else happy.

This is really true. When I reflect on this quote, I realize that I too have some self esteem issues and I tend to be a people pleaser. I want to make everyone else happy and sometimes I forget about little old me.

I learned so much from this book and I really gained a lot of insight and helpful advice to use as I'm going through this downtime. I hope that if you need an inspirational lift you will decide to pick this book up. Jennifer Lopez gives great advice :)

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