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Throwback Thursday Book Review: The Gift by Rhiannon Frater

Some of you may know that I originally had my own blog, Beauty but a Funny Girl, prior to joining Bookish (now Bookish Lifestyle). I was thinking the other day about all those reviews I left behind when I transferred and thought they should get some love too - no matter how badly written and newbie they come off! So I present to you: Throwback Thursday Reviews! Every once in a while I'll post an old review from Beauty but a Funny Girl, unedited in terms of content, with the exception of any spelling or grammatical mistakes. It's definitely going to be fun and interesting to see how my tastes and writing style have changed over the years!

In Darkness We Must Abide #4
Young Adult, Paranormal, Vampires
Publication.Date:April 12, 2013
Pages:54 (eBook)
Published By:  Unknown
Website:Rhiannon Frater

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With the arrival of the new vampires, Vanora's life has once more been changed forever. The only mortal among the undead, she feels like an outsider in her own home. As her seventeenth birthday approaches, she struggles not only with her deepening feelings for Armando, but also her own burgeoning powers.


Originally posted July 14, 2013 on Beauty but a Funny Girl

And the plot thickens. Considerably.

We learn a little more about Armando’s plan, or his Master’s plans, that he his hiding from the Socoli children. He’s very good at acting though because when he’s around the family, even I’m a lulled into a false sense of security.

At the same time, in the present he seems to be on Vanora’s side. He’s protecting her, though she’s admitted she doesn’t trust him. So Frater is doing an awesome job of keeping us guessing about where Armando’s loyalties lie.

It turns out these two have some big plan for Vanora.

Alisha also learns the downside of immortality and it really its her hard. You can’t help but feel bad for her. She’s frozen at twenty-two and can only have a relationship with a vampire and sooner or later (she has been eight years since she turned), she’s going to have to fake her death or go into hiding.

We continue to learn more about these characters and everybody has such a unique voice and persona. Vanora’s change has been the most interesting in her change from a 10-year-old to a 17-year-old.

She’s dealing with two different worlds and trying to juggle both of them. She’s not only dealing with the teenage hormones (and everything else that comes with being a teenage girl), but strange vampires hanging around the house all day - well, night. Of course, her growing feelings for Armando are only making things more difficult. One episode left in season one and I’m dying to find out what’s going to happen! I took a sneak peak and instead of the usual 50-some pages, episode 5 is 140 so I already know a lot of things are going down!

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