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Book Review: The Mediator Series by Meg Cabot

The Mediator #1-6
Young Adult, Paranormal, Mystery, Romance
Publication.Date:November 1, 2000 - December 8, 2004
Published By:  Simon Pulse (1-3), HarperCollins (4-5)
Website:Meg Cabot 

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Suze Simon has a problem: She's been able to see and speak to ghosts all her life. Things have gotten especially bad now that her mom has remarried and Suze has three new stepbrothers...and a very sexy guy hanging out in her bedroom. Too bad the guy's been dead for a hundred and fifty years.

(Meg's Website)

For me, The Mediator is the quintessential Young Adult series. This is the first young adult series that I loved, bought, and coveted. I can't tell you how thrilled I was when I found out about Remembrance. Jesse and Suze are back?! I mean, it's Jesse + Suze 4EVA -  ya know!

I hadn't intended to reread the series prior to Remembrance's release, but a few people were talking about doing so on Twitter and I knew I had to read them again. And read them again I did. Luckily this reread occurred on a weekend where I had nothing to do. I binged my little heart out on this series - read all six books over the course of the weekend. I felt like my own personal reading montage.

But I digress.

I cannot believe I forgot how much I love this series. Suze, first and foremost, is just amazing. She's amazing and ass kicking. Jesse is a straight up dream boat. CeeCee, Adam, Father Dom are amazing supporting characters and I'm even a bit of a fan of Suze's stepbrothers - in their own special ways. The characters all came alive; they weren't story book characters, they are real people. Or, ghosts depending on the specific characters you're discussing.

So many details that I forgot came flooding back and as I reread these books and I remember being shocked and awed at things during my first read. The plots are detailed and descriptive, full of twists and turns that keep even the most seasoned reader guessing. And even though they are rereads, there were times I still felt that intensity I felt the first time around.

I cannot recommend this series enough. Being a fan a YA books now - obviously - something about rereading an old favorite YA series was incredibly refreshing and there's still something about this series that you won't find in today's YA novels.

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