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The Equinox by K.K. Allen (Review)

Young Adult, Mythology
Publication Date:December 11, 2014

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Katrina Summer finally comes to terms with her enchanted skin as she is challenged with an evil that threatens the Solstice settlement of Apollo Beach...

At a private gathering on Summer Island Kat meets an entire secret society of Enchanters – and other mythological descendants of a different breed. The gorgeous Valli sisters appear forcing Kat to take a deeper look into her new existence. And when Arabella, the youngest of the sisters, befriends Kat, she learns the most disturbing Summer family secret of all.

To escape the lurking dangers of the Equinox, which brings outrage and heartbreak to the entire town, Kat accepts a job at the Island Grille where more trouble brews as her handsome, yet brooding co-worker, Johnny, makes life even more challenging. Meanwhile, Kat struggles between her lingering and undeniable attraction for Alec, the secrets that she is forced to keep from him, and a betrayal that sends them on separate paths.

Mysterious deaths, signs of pollution rising in the Bay, and discoveries of the Equinox's motives stir up an entirely new and frightening adventure as Kat finally discovers that being an Enchanter holds a responsibility worth killing for...

  If he wants me to cower, it doesn't work.  I am, however, annoyed.  
  There's no better feeling than when I'm using my powers in some way.  It's a release, and actually quite addictive    so addictive that I've been scared to do anything as grand as Fourth of July.  Not that anything has called for me to use my powers that way.
  His thumb strokes my jaw and I let myself give into the sensation by lifting my chin, inviting him in, and finally I allow my eyes to close and wait for his lips to greet mine.  When his lips finally touch mine it's as if my entire body has been set on fire.  He's lit every sensation in me.  Every feeling.

  The Equinox was every bit the book that Enchanted was, if not more.  It seems that Allen outdid herself with her second book, and blasted away second book syndrome with ease.  I was hooked back into this enchanting world once again right from the first page.  Sliding into this book was easy and made my nights at work a little harder because I just did not want to put the book down.

  The plot only continues to thicken in this instalment.  What I really loved though was how much more detail you get on the community and surrounding areas.  The world that I could envision became crystal clear and in vivid colour.  Though there were parts of Summer Island described in the previous book, The Equinox went into better detail and eased you into the bigger picture. This book also had a lot more going on making the pacing a little quicker, but the important things still stood out and were easily absorbed.  There was also my weakness beyond mythology in this book, which could not have pulled me in more.

  There was definitely character growth with Kat, but she has been growing right from the start. Kat continues to think things through and though her emotions occasionally get the best of her, she is a teenage girl.  Her reactions are expected and are reasonable.  However, at times I found myself wishing she would overreact, show that she is not to be messed with.  Kat is not that person though and holds herself responsible for her actions.  My only slight frustration is that she lets go on conversations that she feels important because she "knows" that Rose (her grandmother) will not give her the answers. I know that it makes sense, but I can't help but feel at times she needs to push things. This being said I still love Kat and almost everything about her.  She is undoubtedly one of the easiest characters to like.

  This book is home to probably the most non triangle, love triangle EVER!  With this being said, it is not something that I feel any person, will be able to feel any negative emotion towards.  As I said it isn't even really a triangle, just more of a possibility of than anything.  Alec...  Well I don't want to give it away but he changed my opinion of him, and yet by the end I got it (even if I did want to scream in his face).  What I loved was Johnny.  You know the guy I had hopes of seeing more of?  He definitely got a showing in this book, and I could not have been happier. Well I could have if... (Not spoiling it for you sorry).  The tension between Johnny and Kat is fun to read and makes me get all kinds of happy.

  You will not want to put this book down! Every time you think you have it figured out you probably don't, and the things you do are only to distract you.  Allen has captured my attention and will be an automatic read for me.  The Descendants can't come soon enough as far as I am concerned, and if you haven't already looked into getting caught up before its release you should.  The Equinox will be a must read for anyone that enjoys mythology or people that are looking for the perfect sunny day read.  However, you should pick up The Summer Solstice: Enchanted first; that's a read you wont want to miss either.   

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