Monday, March 16, 2015

Children's Book Review: Yeti and the Bird by Nadia Shireen

Hardcover, 32 pages
Publication: February 24th 2015 by Atheneum Books for Young Readers
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Even hairy, scary monsters need friends! This heartwarming tale of unlikely playmates features bright artwork and a sweet message from the author-illustrator of Hey, Presto! and Good Little Wolf.

Deep in the forest lives the biggest, hairiest, scariest yeti anyone has ever seen. And he is also the loneliest yeti around.

Then one day…THUNK! Someone lands on Yeti’s head. And that someone isn’t scared of Yeti at all. Could that someone be a friend?

This fun story of fur, feathers, and friendship delights and inspires—a welcome reminder that friends can be found in even the most improbable places.

"Deep in the forest
there lived a yeti."

     Yeti is the biggest, hairiest, SCARIEST beast in the forest and because of that, he is lonely. Everyone avoids him. No one wants to play with him. Thankfully, one day, an unexpected guest pays him a visit. Little red bird got lost on her way to a hot tropical island and she landed on top of Yeti's head. To Yeti's surprise, she is not afraid of him at all! This friendship will change Yeti's life! 

     Yeti and the Bird is a heartwarming, meaningful and remarkably positive story. It's about the life changing power of friendship. It's also about how we often wrongfully judge others based on appearances and how we shouldn't let stereotypes and biases stop us from getting to know someone. How we should try and be more open, more friendly. This quite profound and important message is at the core of this picture book and I think even the youngest kids will be able to pick it up. It's wrapped up in gorgeous illustrations and cherry-topped with a heart-melting ending that is sure to bring a smile to your child's face. 

     I really enjoyed Yeti and the Bird. These two make a cute duo and their story is yet another proof that friendship often finds us when we least expect it. It's a sweet and charming book, I am so glad I share it with my daughter.

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