Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Romance

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Top Ten I Like and Dislike About Romances In Books

Gimme More

Slow Burn. Need it. Love it. Crave it. This is seriously one of the best aspects of romance novels. They may not get together until the later half of the book, but that first half just makes me want to smash their faces together.

Underlying Tension. This is a little different from the slow burn because this one takes for-freaking-ever to manifest. Think of Krestel and Arin from The Winner's Curse by Marie Rutkoski. I'm not going to ruin it for those who haven't read the book yet, but whoa. This is like 10 times worse than slow burn, but at the same time about 10 times better.

Friends to Lovers. Aww, he/she was right there the whole time! Also, these relationships tend to have a better foundation than those who meet in a coffee shop. Not always, but it is easier to accept when they fall hard and fast.

Enemies to Lovers. Duke it out then make out.

Happy Endings. I am a sucker for a happy ending. Sometimes those bittersweet endings are nice, but give me a happy ending any day and you'll have a happy me. They may not always be realistic, but as long as it makes sense, I'm totally down with it.

Take It Away

Misunderstandings/Miscommunications. Seriously, the worst. Like, when they see their new boyfriend with a pretty girl - oops, it's his cousin and you avoided him for a week. "Oh? Maybe I should have listened to the end of the conversation I was eavesdropping on." You know what I mean?

Instalove. Gross. Stop it.

All Consuming Relationships. You had a life prior to this relationship, right? Go live it. Hang out with your friends. Take a breather. Ever been to a high school post your high school years and see those couples making out before class? I mean, seriously. It's a 50 minute class, you will be fine. Promise.

Hate You/Love You/Hate You/Love You. You two should probably just break up. Nothing about this sounds healthy and I find you annoying.

Unnecessary Love Triangles. I admit that there have been a few love triangles I loved and the author did a wonderful job on. But he love triangle for the sake of a love triangle? Yuck.

What are some things you like and dislike about romance in books? Do we have anything in similar or are we opposites? Be sure to leave me a link to your TTT so I can stop by!

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