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Broken Notes by Ann Marie Frohoff {Book review & Giveaway}

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About The Book:
The Heavy Influence Series is an edgy sexually charged coming of age story.  A Modern Day 'WALK THE LINE' Romance.
The edgy Heavy Influence Series is about young, intense and reckless love between a rising rock star and his younger muse. 
Follow their journey through temptation, deception & forbidden love.
BROKEN NOTES (Heavy Influence, #2) By: Ann Marie Frohoff Publisher:
AMF Publishing Pages: 279 Release Date: December 30, 2014
Music fades with a death. Dreams and impulses may kill a future. 
Being rich, famous and in an award winning, multi-platinum band can't save you from life's tragedies.
When Jake and Alyssa begin to build a life together in New York City, a death and an unfortunate set of events rattle Jake's very existence. Alyssa clings to her own dreams. Jake's blurred take on life may end what they've fought so hard to keep. 

Will love remain the same?
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You know how you dream and dream about what you want? Or you get excited about something that's coming up but don't believe it when it's time? That's me right now. I'm in shock. Ever since Jake arrived. I'm in a cloud.
I laughed to myself--how pathetic was I? I knew what I needed to do; I just needed to get off my ass and do it. 
If it matters, that'w why I'm here, and I haven't taken anything since yesterday and I'm sick. I don't wanna go back to rehab.  
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Welcome to another wild ride with Jake and Aly! Aly is finally of age and is excited about moving to New York City with Jake. She can't believe she is finally on her own and free from parental rules, school responsibilities and she longs for her freedom with Jake. Although all her dreams are finally coming true, she is still scared of her love for Jake and his for her. Will these two be able to meet somewhere in the middle for their happily ever after? 

Both Jake and Aly are far from your typical romance story. They both have more than their share of issues and usually those issues translate into miscommunications and frustration in their relationship. That doesn't stop these two though. Jake knows that Aly deserves the best and he beats himself up every time he can't give it to her but he still does his best to try. Aly just wants Jake to be happy with her but she finds herself only barely surviving his constant ups and downs, his tour schedule and real life issues end up getting in their way at every turn.

This whole story has been highly emotional but this one takes the cake. I found myself trying to understand either character and sometimes I just couldn't wrap my head around either one of their decisions. These are seriously flawed individuals. If you are looking for sappy and clean romance, MOVE on! You won't find it here. But, if REAL turns you on, then you have come to the right place because Aly and Jake are as real as it gets! 

I still feel the same about the writing that I did in the last book, Ann Marie does a wonderful job at bringing her characters to life, so much so that you feel that you could know them. Her writing is so easy to get caught up in that you have to force yourself to sleep. 

The ending of this installment was so completely PERFECT! I just can't wait for the next one! I believe the ending is what sealed the five stars for me, having a perfect ending to an amazing book is just every readers fantasy. Thanks for fulfilling this readers dream. 
About The Author:
 Ann Marie ("Annie") Frohoff grew up in sunny Southern California. As a teen and young adult, she spent her time frequenting and living in nearly every beachside city up and down the coast.
Ann Marie is a debut author whose vision to tell a story started out like many other aspiring writers, with a dream, literally.
After taking her then eight-year-old daughter to a concert, her dream weaving took on a life of its own. Long story short, she quit her high- paying corporate job and went for broke to follow her dream.
The first installment in her Heavy Influence Trilogy, FIRST KISS, released June 11, 2013 — the series is a story about young, reckless love between a rising rock star and his younger muse, spanning 10 years of their tumultuous and passionate relationship. Each book in the Trilogy will come with a soundtrack of original music, of which the lyrics will appear in the pages of the books.
Annie has settled in the South Bay area of Los Angeles with her family.
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