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Ode to the Queen by Kyleigh Castronaro (Review)

Mythology, NA
Publication Date:July 23, 2014
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Savannah has been kidnapped. By a man who claims he’s a Titan and she’s a Greek Goddess. It’s a little farfetched and she wishes it isn’t true but the evidence is piling up against her. Except, she doesn’t know who her Goddess is and no one will tell her. 

Instead, Charlotte is happy to make her life a living hell and the friends she does make turn to enemies. And then there’s Aidan: the arrogant and mysterious King of the Gods. Savannah finds herself drawn to him despite her best efforts not to get involved with another guy. She doesn’t need this kind of trouble when her life is already upside down; being a Goddess is hard enough. 

Driven by fate and a past she knows nothing about Savannah tries to navigate her new world as one of the Twelve Olympians. Is history going to repeat itself or will the New Olympians write their own myths?

"Normal? But they were Gods. Normal is... mortals. Abnormal is believing that Gods exist and can be normal."
  "No, normal is the Gods.  Mortals were simply made in their image.  Who do you think was the original 'Bachlor' and the first 'Desperate Housewife'?  The mortals simply copied what their leaders showed them to be."
This is why I wanted to give boys up, this was why I didn't want to fall for another one of those charming, good looking bad boys who wanted nothing more from you than a little something to play with until they grew bored or got another toy.
People tried to fool themselves into thinking that how they felt about the other person could salvage what had been lost.  But before anything else, even love, trust had to be established with the other person.  How else were you supposed to give your heart and give into what you were feeling if you couldn't trust them.

  I let this book sit for awhile after reading it.  Not because I didn't read it from start to finish, but because I needed proper time to digest it.  Needless to say, I am glad that I gave it time to turn around in my head.  The more I thought about it, the more that this read impressed me and I feel like it is one of the few books that the more I turn it over in my head, the more I am glad I had the chance to read it.  Castronaro created something mysteriously unique with Greek Mythology, something that surprised even me and has me wishing that I knew that little bit more.

  Savannah's world is basically thrown right into craziness.  Everything she thought she knew is being twisted up and thrown through a chopper.  There was no real twist in her life that suggested she was different, or special and no warning that things were going to change.  Heck, even when they did change no one would really tell her what was going on.  She was taken to this exquisitely set up place, told it was Olympus and that she was something she had only heard in story books.  The plot itself was set at a steady pace, with characters that you will both love and loathe.  There is a lot of detail put into this book, and often it added to my ability to view what was going on.  However, there were a few times that I wished there was a little less detail and more movement, luckily this was not something that happened often and I found myself enjoying the majority of the story and pacing.

  I want big things for Savannah.  She had a really rough start in this book, but I enjoyed her... A lot.  She was strong but not perfect.  There was no automatic belief that what she was being told was true, but at the same time there were many things that made it hard to deny. Not only this she was thrown around and lied to by just about everyone.  Maybe it was because of who she was, or maybe it's because this is a whole new ball game, but I felt so much anger for her.  At times I wished she would fight for herself, but once again I believe it was her inner goddess preventing anything different from happening.  What I learned while reading this, was that careful and calculated will pay off in the end.  Be it for good or for evil, it seems that rushing into anything does not pay off.

The romance in this one had me going up walls and wishing that this poor girl was not being jerked around.  It did not matter how hard Savannah tried, easy was not in the cards.  Sure Aiden had good moments and it seemed that he wanted to be true, but the truth was he was only there when he felt it best.  I can't even say I wanted her to trust him because I was too far gone in her ability to be her own person.  Aiden, did have potential though, if he weren't giving into his inner God so easily.  There is a balance that needs to be found and it took him some time to find it, and I can only hope that the balance that he did find stays. Not only for Savannah's sake but for for his own.  I have high hopes for his development, and possible future swoon sessions.

  Ode to the Queen was something different and enjoyable.  I will undoubtedly pick up the next book when it releases.  There is so much potential for character development and a bunch of different ways that the story could go.  I was content with the stand that was made at the end and the true colors that came through.  I really did enjoy the mystery and journey that this book took me through.  Pick it up if you love mythology, and want something that will take you where no mythology has before.

p.s. Charlotte is a perfect freaking bitch.

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