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Mythos by Heather McLaren (Review)

YA, Mermaid, Fantasy
Publication Date:December 15, 2013
Published By:  Twilight Times Books
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True love was the last thing David Cooley expected to find in the Bahamas, But the moment he laid eyes on Faren Sands, he knew he had found the girl of his dreams. How could he know she was a mermaid from the lost island of Atlantis?

Because of the strict laws regarding human contact, the couple flees the consequences of their forbidden passion, struggling to survive a conflict that has been brewing between the mermaids and sea demons for the last eleven thousand years.

Once the epic battle begins, fate forces David to make a decision that will forever affect his young life. Should he stick by the woman he loves, risking his mortality for a civilization that hates him?(Goodreads)

Faren backed up against the wall, too horrified to move.  She didn't have to worry about remaining visible very long.  As soon as she heard the creature's thoughts, her body went into defence mode.
  It was fascinating how Faren's explanations filled the gaps that science couldn't, and, in some instances, even proved biologists' theories wrong all together.
  She ignored David's commands and bolted for the kitchen, searching for anything she could use to overpower the creature.  After rummaging through countless drawers, she grabbed a butcher's knife and ran to his aid.

  Question what you thought you knew.
    It is no secret that I am a fan of Mermaids...and pretty covers.  Never judge a book by its cover, I know but sometimes the cover does match what is on the inside.  Mythos was an interesting take on the interaction between humans and mermaids, and the consequences of such interactions.  This book was unlike any other Mer read that I have picked up before and that is saying a lot because I pick up as many of them as I possibly can.  McLaren wove this tale wonderfully and created something that even a fanatic like myself, would be able to fall into.

  The world building in Mythos was beautiful.  McLaren brought the Bahamas to life and the underwater world was stunning.  This is one of those reads that you can really see and almost feel where the characters are.  Everything was just so vivid and easy to see.  The pacing for the most part matched the world building and was wonderful.  Things just seemed to fit, and flow to where it felt right.  There were a few places that seemed a little bit on fast forward, but honestly for the most part it was perfect.  This was one of those books that the very few flaws fly away because of all of the other amazing things packed into it!

  David and Faren were wonderful together.  They just worked and felt right, right from the start.  Their interactions were not always perfect, but how could it be when they were always in danger of being caught.  Actually to be honest, only Faren knew the danger that they were in by being together to start because David (like most humans) lived not knowing who/what he was really falling for.  Their attraction was fairly quick and the fall was fast, but as you get more interaction it all just feels natural.  Faren is not reliant upon David but she knows she wants him in her life, often trying to take him out of dangers way.  Where Faren pushes him, David shows that he can stand for himself and actually even astounded me with his bravery.  Actually, despite how fast he fell for her, David's feelings for Faren are unwavering.  When he finds out what/who she is, he doesn't flip...mostly keeps his cool but his feelings don't change.  There were times that their relationship was challenged and I felt that Faren let go a little easier but she didn't give up in the long run. 

  There is also a lot of action in this book, a lot going on. I appreciated the fact that McLaren, created Faren with the inner strength to stand up to the challenges that arose.  However, I often found myself wishing she would believe in the strength that David had within himself as well, instead of seeing him as unable to help.  I never wish for a character to rely on someone else but I also never wish for a character that can't see the strength within their partner.  However, it was also the action that helped proved that human does not equal weak, even when we don't fully understand what is going on.

  Mythos was a wonderful read, that ended in a way that will keep the wheels in my mind turning with possibilities for the next book.  I admittedly loved the ending and found so much beauty in how everything was tied up.  The wait for the next book is on and I  can't say I am going to be exactly patient.  The world, the characters and whatever comes next for all of them, is floating around my mind and pulling out possibilities.  If you are a fan of Mermaids, action and wonderfully developed worlds, Mythos is not to be missed.

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