Monday, March 18, 2013

Blog Re-Design: Challenging Reads + Giveaway

Hello lovelies! I have another re-design to share with you today! I had the utmost pleasure to work on Johanna's blog - Challenging Reads (International love! :)

This turned out to be a very time+energy consuming project, but one I had lots and lots of fun with. I really enjoyed working on the graphics (love fantasy-themed blogs!) and the color scheme we came up with had me smiling all the time. Johanna wanted something green+brown-ish (natural forest colors), and a girl that is walking through a dark forest towards a book that is grown into a tree. Oh, and the paranormal creatures incorporated into the theme were quite important, too! I think it turned out really beautiful, love the colors and the wolf lurking from behind a tree! And the fairy-themed rating system is another one of my favs!

So.. Take a look at how this design turned out!

Johanna's Challenging Reads BEFORE:

Challenging Reads AFTER:


All graphics were custom designed by me. And guys, I must say, I rally loved working on this project! I especially love how the social media buttons turned out - with a fairy-roll-over :D So magical! (I know, I am totally being full of it, but hey.. self-promotion!).
We did a drop-down, custom menu, which also turned out nicely, and Johanna wanted sidebar headers to stand out more, hence the black+green vines :) 

What do you guys think?!

Here's a couple other graphics I made for Johanna:

Make sure to visit her blog and let her know if you like the new design! :)

Meanwhile, let's celebrate! Here's another giveaway for you lovelies! This one is bigger than usual, as I'm also celebrating the one I did for Linds from The Violet Hour (I didn't get to host a giveaway last time!) :) So - three books will go to one super lucky winner! :D 

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