Monday, October 15, 2012

NAME THE BOOK EXTRAVAGANZA!!!!! (VOTE + Scavenger Hunt Giveaway + Special Content)

Hi guys! Welcome to "Name That Book Extravaganza" - a fun and exciting blog event designed to help Ali Cross name book 3 in her fabulous Desolation series! :)

You can vote DAILY, but only for one of the names! People who voted for the name that ends up being chosen will all get ebook copies of all 3 books in the series!!! 

Like that wasn't exciting enough, I also get to share an individual post with you guys, and that is Michael's Bio!!!


Ageless but looks like a young man of 18 or 19.
Favorite clothes: T-shirts and blue jeans, orange Converse sneakers.
Favorite weapon: A broad sword with a leather-wrapped hilt.
Favorite drink: Fresh squeezed orange juice.
Favorite food: Pizza.
Favorite treat: Cheesecake.

Michael fell in love with Desi the first time he saw her in Odin’s court. She stood with a company of Valkyrie and among the golden-skinned warriors, her pale, dark-haired beauty set her apart. Her beauty and something more—something that spoke of her determination, her independence, her loyalty. For all these things and more Michael gave his heart to Desi and has spent an eternity loving her. He will always love her.

But despite his tender heart, Michael is a fierce warrior, proving himself in battle countless times and earning the position of Odin’s general. He feels passionately—whether it’s anger or love—and he is loyal to the very end.

Here's the mock-up cover (this is NOT the final cover!!)

Join the fun, VOTE NOW!!!

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ALSO, enter to win the Grand Prize in the Scavanger Hunt!!! 


So for the Scavenger Hunt we have an excerpt that needs to be finished! Tiffany from Escaping One Book At A Time kicked-off the Scavenger Hunt gave us the start and now all you need to do is hop from blog to blog to pick up the rest of it!! When you are done just put it in the Grand Prize rafflecopter form and get entered to win lot of awesome prizes!!



Here's the HOP schedule (you can find the other words there, don't forget to grab Tiffany's excerpt -> no 1 on the list!):

1. Escaping... One Book @ a Time
2. Joyous Reads
3. Book Sniffers Anonymous
4. Beauty and the Bookshelf
5. Arianne Cruz
6. Comfort Books
7. Why Not? Because I Said So!
8. Donnie Darko Girl
9. Bookish
10. YA Novelties
11. Words, Pages and Books
12. Cherie Reich
13. Chapter by Chapter
14. Christine Fonseca

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

About the author:

Ali Cross is the sensei of the Writer's Dojo where she holds a black belt in awesome. She lives in Utah with her kickin' husband, two sparring sons, one ninja cat, two sumo dogs and four zen turtles. 
Find Ali:
Website  | Goodreads | Facebook | twitter username: @ali_cross

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Ali Cross said...

Thanks so much for hosting me Evie! I can't wait to see what name is picked!

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