Saturday, October 22, 2011

All Hallows Read - October 25th!!!

Hello Pumpkins!!!

Have you heard of Neil Gaiman’s mission to share a scary book this Halloween? 

It’s called All Hallows Read:

The idea behind it is very simple: On October 25th get out there and give someone a scary book! Who doesn't like scary books? And what's a better occasion to gift someone a bone-chilling read?

I personally LOVE all sorts of scary books. I grew up reading Stephen King (SK's It was my first adult novel I ever read - before that I was totally addicted to RL Stine's Fear Street series and to The X Files novellas based on TV episodes - don't judge me! I had a THING for David Duchovny lol). I spent long summer hours devouring books by Graham Masterton, Dean Koontz, Brian Lumley and James Herbert. Yes, my lovely pumpkins, I was an horror/thriller junkie! And I still am! So when I heard about All Hallows Read I was thrilled and excited, I knew I had to participate!

The awesome people @HarperTeen are running a Book Drop on October 25th where they randomly drop scary books at various locations across NYC. And now, thanks to the wonderful peeps @HarperCollinsCA, we have our own Canadian version of it!

In a Dark, Dark Room and Other Scary Stories is a book I received from Harper Collins Canada to drop at a location of my choice. They sent me a book and asked me to drop it somewhere, to treat one randomly (or not) picked kid with a scary book filled with beautiful illustrations. How cool is that?!
I decided to drop it at the Sick Children's Hospital in Toronto. I will also be dropping one more book sponsored by me - cause giving away two books feels better than giving away one :)

Thank you Neil Gaiman, Harper Collins and Harper Collins Canada for organizing this fantastic, inspiring event :) Let's share the love and make someone happy (and perhaps scared a little bit, too!) this Halloween!
All Hallows Read is coming to town!!! :)

(tweet about it using #AllHallowsRead and @HarperCollinsCA)


Kathy said...

I am so excited for this event. I can't wait to drop off some scary books!

I am glad you're taking part as well :)

Anonymous said...

All Hallows Read sounds like such a great idea!

LoriStrongin said...

Isn't Neil Gaiman awesome?!?!?! And hey, anything that gets people reading is a good thing, no?


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