Sunday, January 31, 2016

Musical Musings: Oh, January

Musical Musings is a new feature where I'll be talking about music! There'll be two posts a month---the first of which will be about some random musical topic, and the second post of the month (like this one!) will be a recap of my month in music. To learn more about this feature and whatnot, click here to check out my introduction post! :)

January Overall

So I'm going to be perfectly honest with y'all right now. My January was incredibly uneventful music-wise. I didn't make a playlist. I didn't listen to a huge variety of songs and artists. I pretty much just put the same handful of songs on repeat and called it a day. Not because I didn't want to explore or make a playlist, or follow where my mind wandered when I was reminded of a song or band. No, I've just had a super busy month. Super stressful would probably be even more accurate.

That said, I did listen to music this month, so that's something! I had a few songs I was really into---basically ones that make me happy or calm, because I very much needed that. So this month's recap is going to be very brief, but I'm going to share my woefully short music list for January 2016.

My Five Songs of January 2016

Cecelia and the Satellite - Korin Bukowski (cover) 

For reasons completely unknown to me, this song (which was Korin Bukowski's blind audition song in this past season of The Voice) has been my go-to. I listen to it AT LEAST twice a day. Definitely when I'm getting ready, whether it's for school or whatever. And then at least one other time during the day because it is just that stuck in my head. I love it, though. I walk around the house singing it and it just makes me feel so happy.

Against All Odds - Mark Hood (cover)

I think my attachment to this one is due to several things:

- Mark did a cover of a Justin Bieber song this past season. That song is hard to avoid, and now every time I hear it (or any current Bieber song, really), my mind goes to Mark.
- This song is so easy to get into!
- I love to sing along. It makes me happy.

So yeah. I've been listening to this a lot. Especially when I paint my nails, which is so random, but *shrugs*

Last Kiss - Taylor Swift

This is my favorite song off Taylor's Speak Now album. Way back in the day, I studied these songs hard so I'd know all the words when I went to this concert. And in doing that, I got hooked on this song (along with Haunted). It was so sad and soft, and I could listen to it over and over and FEEL it so well. I'm not certain what led me back to it this month. Maybe it was a suggested video and I clicked, thus pulling myself back into the spell? I don't know. Regardless, I heart it.

All Too Well - Taylor Swift

I cannot for the life of me remember whether or not I've mentioned this before, but oh well. If I did, then I'm mentioning it again. There's this one particular performance of All Too Well that I am addicted to. This is my favorite song on Red, so I guess it makes sense that this is a performance I'd cling to. I've listened to it countless times this January. So gorgeous.

Summer Girl - Sulaiman Azimi

OH DEAR GOODNESS I AM OBSESSED. I mentioned it in my Kicking Off 2016 post earlier this month, and my complete obsession with this song/version has not faded. I mean, I've loved it for a very long time, but my mood to listen to it on repeat has not lessened even a smidge. The words are so sweet (credit to that goes to Maggie, of course) and the sound is stunning to me. This song is truly a favorite of mine, and it's exactly what I've needed this month---it makes me happy and it's pretty and I just feel all the wonderful feels. Ahhhhhh.

As I said it would be, this month's recap was brief. Hopefully next month I'll have more!

That's what my month in music was like! Now I'd LOVE to hear from you! What have you been into? Any new obsessions? Favorite songs? What do you think of the songs and artists I've been into? Let me know your thoughts! :)

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