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Sharing You by Molly McAdams (Review)

Sharing You (Sharing You, #1)

New Adult, Romance, Contemporary
Publication.Date  July 1st, 2014
Published By:  William Morrow Paperbacks
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Twenty-three year old, Kamryn Cunningham has left all she’s ever known and moved to a small town where no one knows her name, who her parents are, or her social status in the horseracing world. Months after opening her own bakery and evading attempts of being set up by her new best friend, she meets Brody. Kamryn fights the instant pull between them because there’s a detail she can’t dismiss. Brody’s married.

To say that twenty-six year old, Brody Saco has had a rough marriage would be an understatement. After marrying his pregnant girlfriend, he spends the next six years in a relationship filled with hatred, manipulation and guilt involving a tragedy that happened five years earlier. When he keeps running into his sister-in-law’s best friend, Kamryn, he can’t ignore that she makes him feel more with just one look than his wife ever has; and soon he can’t continue fight his feelings for her.

When staying apart proves to be too difficult, Brody and Kamryn enter a relationship full of stolen moments and nights that end too soon while they wait for Brody to file for divorce. But the guilt that comes with their relationship may prove to be too much for Kamryn, and Brody might not be strong enough to face the tragedy from his past in order to leave his conniving wife.


"One thing I've learned in my life and my line of work is that life is short, and I know that I don't know you yet...but I know I couldn't be able to live with myself knowing I walked away from the only person who's made me feel alive in years, the only person who's made me feel--whatever the hell this is--ever. Tell me I'm not alone in this," I pleaded.
His breath washed over my mouth, and my lips parted in anticipation. I watched his eyes darken as the movement caught his eye. His chest rose and fell heavily as the air thickened around us, and I was close to begging him to kiss me. The hand at the small of my back pushed me closer to his body and the thumb at my jaw stopped moving--and I swear I stopped breathing until his eyes snapped back up to mine and realization hit them.

"Sweet dreams, Kamryn."
What was happening to me? And what happened in the entryway with Brody? My heart was still beating fast, and I swear I could feel his hands on my arms. The way his gray eyes had captured mine and held them, making it feel like time stood still, was unlike anything I'd ever experienced. This was fairytale shit, this kind of thing didn't happen in real life.

Except, it just had.

I love Molly McAdams. Her stories are my addiction, and she's one of my auto-buy authors. Whatever she writes, I am so in. BUT... I have to admit, Sharing You was a book I hesitated to pick up. Since it's obvious that this novel deals with cheating, I was pretty much like NOPENOPENOPE at first. But then I ran out of Molly McAdams books to read while waiting for her next and figured why not? I was so curious. So I picked up Sharing You, and I am so very glad I did.

There aren't many things that can make me automatically hate a book, but cheating is one of them. I absolutely HATE cheating. Like, I cannot even tell you. I am the most jealous reader in the world, and I get so incredibly twitchy when something that even FEELS like cheating is going on. I just can't deal with it, and that can ruin a book for me. So when I say that I am glad I picked up Sharing You, trust me, y'all--that's saying something.

While Sharing You does deal with technical cheating, in that Brody is married when his and Kamryn's relationship begins, it doesn't really give off a cheating vibe. Why? Because Brody and his wife (her name's Olivia, and I hate her so much) don't have anything that feels like a marriage. It's on paper, but it's not in the way they interact. It's not in the way Brody thinks. Honestly, it's more like Olivia's an annoying, evil ex-girlfriend that will not go away. I felt zero sympathy for her. I ended up not faulting Brody for getting into a relationship with Kamryn, either.

And I also ended up completely enjoying their story.

So what I'm trying to say here is: If you're skipping Sharing You for the sole reason of not wanting to read a story that involves cheating, I recommend giving it a shot. Especially if you've read other books by Molly McAdams (Taking Chances, anyone?). I wasn't bothered by this aspect of the book once I got into it and Brody and Kamryn's relationship developed, so I have high hopes others will be able to look past it, too.

NOW THAT I SAID THAT, let's talk about everything else...

The writing of Molly McAdams strikes yet again, drawing me in and keeping me flying through the story. It was so well written, particularly the relationship between Brody and Kamryn. It was passionate and fierce, and I was rooting for them from the moment they met. They had a bumpy road, but watching them work through it and love each other regardless...that sank deep into my heart. I think that's a big part of what made this story a winner for me--it hit me in the feels, and I seriously LOVED it.

The story is told in dual POV between Brody and Kamryn, which was especially effective here, showing both sides to the complicated situation they were in. Nothing was simple with them--other than that they loved each other beyond words, which was so beautiful. They had to work to be together, and seeing what each of them went through and struggled with through this made the entire journey even more worthwhile.

Deep, passionate, and complex, Sharing You is a love story that packs a punch. Molly McAdams has written another addictive story that I fell in love with, and I cannot wait to get my hands on another! But if you haven't given this one a go yet, I definitely recommend picking it up.

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