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Downdrift by Sutton Shields is HERE!!! + Men of the Water Wars Series (++Giveaway)

  If you know anything about me, you know how I love mermaids.  I love them the way some people love coffee or chocolate or air...  Okay, so we all need air but I NEED these books.  The first 3 have rocked my world (to the point they have been read several times).  I mean aren't they stunning?!

(Click on covers to head to the GR page)

  Not only are they stunning, but they are packed with some of my favourite characters of all time.  The character are quirky, colourful, out there and completely unforgettable (they get this from their creator who is also amazing).  This is the series that I could stare my e-mail box down waiting to hear the next one is out, and stalk my mail box down waiting for it to get here.

  Not too long ago I got an e-mail from Sutton letting me know she had the newest cover and that the book was out (HOW DID I MISS THIS??!!).  Beyond failing as one of Sutton's biggest fans I was in love all over again with the newest cover, and the synopsis has me doing grabby hands before it even makes it to my mailbox!

Marina Valentine is one future time-traveling trip away from putting the final trident in King Zale’s reign. The future, however, has a dire message for the Savior: She is one decision away from costing everyone everything.

Marina doesn’t want the burden of some unknown decision, nor does she want to learn of yet another sneaky trick by King Zale. All she wants to do is focus on her trip with Troy to retrieve the last soul stealing stone—a trip that will not only take them to wondrous, mysterious places, but will bring them closer than she ever dreamed possible.

Unfortunately for Marina Valentine, burdens and Zale tricks are part of the job description.

Only this time, the burden has never been heavier and the trick has never been more destructive.

Buy It:

  What do you all think?  Do you not LOVE it?  I know I sure do and I am positive that I will love what is on the inside more.  Now onto something I LOVE!!! Sutton makes the best Guest Posts.  I seriously adore her and the personality  she gifts to her characters.  So I hope you enjoy the Men of her Water Wars Series....  

Meet the Sexy Men of The Merworld Water Wars series
  Today, we spotlight the hotness roaming below the waves, on the sand, and in the clouds. The guys are here to answers some questions for us! Whether you like your men brooding, seriously romantic, goofy, or exceedingly naughty with a splash of danger, the men of The Merworld Water Wars have you covered.

Troy Tombolo—Merman, Prince of Fairhairs

Portrayed here by Jessie Pavelka; Credit: Author/Attribution: Bradford Rogne

Status? In a relationship with Siren Savior, Marina Jayne Valentine
Romantic? Exceedingly. I aspire to be the ‘man’ in romantic.
Biggest Turn-on? A sarcastic mouth & selfless soul
Guilty Pleasure? Besides my girlfriend, probably human junk food.
What’d you dream about last night? Marina. Not disclosing the details.

Jex—Aussie Earth Angel

File:Antony Starr (cropped).jpg
Portrayed here by Antony Starr; Credit: Wikimedia Commons;
Eva Rinaldi

Creative Commons CC BY-SA 2.0

Status? Available...
Romantic? Erotically
Biggest Turn-on? Wit
Guilty Pleasure? There’s no guilt in my pleasures, love.
What’d you dream about last night? Something unsuitable for this publication.

Trey Campbell—Superhuman, truth detector, among varying talents

File:Callan McAuliffe (8189990631).jpg
Portrayed here by Callan McAuliffe; Credit: Wikimedia Commons;
 Eva Rinaldi

; Creative Commons CC BY-SA 2.0

Status? In a relationship with Airianna Hail
Romantic? Try to be; could use some improvement
Biggest Turn-on? Kindness
Guilty Pleasure? Doctor Tenly’s aged root beer (he’s gonna kill me for this one)
What’d you dream about last night? Living in the Merworld with Airi.

Kyle Zale—Merman, Prince of Ravenflames

File:Eric Balfour in 2010.jpg
Portrayed here by Eric Balfour; Credit: Wikimedia Commons;
Sebastian Jespersen

Creative Commons CC BY 2.0

Status? Single by choice               
Romantic? I’ve had my moments
Biggest Turn-on? Anything a particular Fairhair princess does
Guilty Pleasure? Doing the opposite of what I’m told
What’d you dream about last night? Destruction.

Doctor David Tenly—Merman, water wizard & healer            
File:Hugh Jackman navy.jpg
Portrayed here by Hugh Jackman; Credit: Public Domain;
Author: U.S. Navy photo by Photographer's Mate Airman Dennard Vinson

Status? In a relationship with Treeva Tombolo, princess of Fairhairs
Romantic? Aw, yeah, in my own unusual way, of course
Biggest Turn-on? Treeva
Guilty Pleasure? Treeva
What’d you dream about last night? Didn't need dreams. Had my guilty pleasure right by my side.

Author Info

I'm a dreamer, believer in the unbelievable, and author of The Merworld Water Wars series: FINNED (Wave One), OVERFALLS (Wave Two), and RIFTED (Wave Three), with two more 'waves' to follow.
Hook (pun totally intended): "Take a fish-phobic girl, divide her by one hot merman, add a splash of his crazy ex-merbitch, and you get one stinky school year."
I'm a handbag-loving gal who LOVES to watch sports--football, baseball, basketball, NASCAR, you name it. I take being a fan very seriously. ;)
One thing I love most is trying to make people smile, even if it means making a fool out of myself (trust me, my inner idiot is bound to make multiple appearances).
I have a completely irrational fear of grasshoppers, worry that piranha may secretly lurk in lakes, and try to find the bright side in everything, even if I annoy myself doing so.

Find Sutton (trust me you want to) 

*Note if you stop to read this you will gain giveaway entries.  What Sutton's author bio should read is:
  Super amazing, beautiful on the inside and out, one of the sweetest most compassionate people you 
  will ever have the pleasure of meeting.  What I would like you to do is go to any of Sutton's social 
  media and if you haven't had the pleasure of meeting her, tell her how excited you are to meet a sweet
  her.  If you have met her...  Well you can carry on for however long you like about how awesome she   is.

So because I LOVE these books so flipping hard, I am going to give away 
either all 4 books in e-copy (amazon kindle only) to one winner (open to
everyone), or if youare from the US you can pick to have a PB copy of 
Finned.  If you have read Finned and would like a different book in the 
series... Well that's ok too.

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