Thursday, June 11, 2015

Musical Musings: An Introduction

When Evie brought up the topic of expanding Bookish to Bookish Lifestyle, I was so excited. Blogging about books is great, and reading is my THING, but there are so many other things I think about on a daily basis. Pretty much blog posts I write in my head about other things---life and family and... music.

Personally, I have around zero musical talent. Ask me to sing a song and heck yeah I'll do it, but I can basically guarantee it'll suck. I can, however, read sheet music. (Thank you, middle school band.) But that's not why I'm here. I'm here because I really really REALLY want to talk about music with you guys.

I listen to music literally all the time. When I'm reading, when I'm writing, when I'm playing games on my phone. I'm listening to music right now as I type. I'm just not so good at dealing with silence. As one said in Just Listen by Sarah Dessen (one of my favorite books!), "Silence is so freaking loud." Plus, my mind wanders way more when I'm in silence than when there's music playing. Weird but true.

And because of this attachment to music playing pretty much always, very specific songs and albums and artists are attached to so much in my life. Certain songs bring back instant memories. Certain books make me want to listen to a particular song. I want to talk about those things. I want to tell you guys about how I can't hear "Bad Romance" without having flashbacks to Festival of Lights 2009. I want to share how my favorite song is so linked to the first book in my favorite series in my mind.

Then there's also the fact that just like I'm a mood reader, I'm also a mood listener. One month I'll be all over rap, and the next I'm happy-crying because I hear a Beatles song. (Well, I'll pretty much always happy-cry when certain Beatles songs come on, and THAT is something I'll totally talk about too, but that's not the point.) So I'd like to share with you guys what songs/artists/genres/etc. I listen to each month.

And then I want to hear back from y'all about all of this, too. If I tell a story that reminds you of how you are about something, I'd love for you to tell me. If I'm super into T-Swift one month and you are ALSO into T-Swift, telllll meeee. Comment. Write your own blog post and link it in these comments. Heck, tweet me or shoot me an email. Whatever floats your boat. But I just really really want to start bringing in discussion about this huge, important aspect of my life.

Which is why I am now introducing Musical Musings!

I will post Musical Musings twice a month. One post the second week of the month, and another the fourth week of the month. The first post will be random--that's where I'll tell you about the "Bad Romance" flashbacks or my favorite song linked to my favorite book or whatever is floating around in my mind that month. It might be a focus on some of my all-time favorite artists/songs/albums. If I roadtrip or travel that month, maybe I'll share my playlist. As I said, it'll be random. The second post of the month, the one that goes up during the fourth week, is where I'll talk about what I've been big into that month. I'll talk about whatever Pandora station I've been hooked on, which particular songs I've freaked out whenever they came on because YAY. It'll be my month in music.

As I said before, I'd love if you shared your own experiences and preferences, and I hope you like this musical addition to Bookish Lifestyle!

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