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A LEARNING SERIES by Cynthia P. O’Neill {Book Promo & Book Review}

Author: Cynthia P. O'Neill
Publisher: Limitless Publishing

Series: Learning Series, Book #1
When Garrett Andrews finds something that catches his eye, he goes after it, letting nothing stand in the way of what he wants to possess… 

The first woman to arouse his heart could be the one person who helps him to finally open up and feel again. 

Laurel Hart was a swimming champion until a frightful event and unknown health issues derailed her career… 

With a recent degree from MIT in Bio-Medical Engineering, and an offer to join one of the leading innovators of medical equipment in the world, she plans on making a new life for herself. Letting the nightmares from her past, stay in the past, or so she thinks. 

Once Garrett finds out about Laurel’s past, all rules in regards to "relationships" are changed, because one false move could drive her away for good… 

He attempts to calm her nightmares and gain her trust so he can show her who he really is and the relationship he desires from her. 
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Will they be able to overcome the damage their hearts have encountered? Can they find happiness? Or will life throw each of them another curveball? 

Only time will tell if they can learn to trust.


Series: Learning Series, Book #2
Garrett Andrews has controlled every aspect of his life for as long as he can remember… 

Whatever he wanted, he took, especially when it came to Laurel Hart. She was the first person to make his heart skip a beat and capture his soul, allowing part of his control to slip, which uncovered his lie and destroyed her trust in him.

Laurel now lays battered and broken thanks to Chase Peterson, a stalker from her college days, who won’t accept no for an answer…

Garrett is determined to win her back, obsessing over her care in an attempt to heal both her body and her mind. He will go to any lengths to earn back her trust and teach her to let go of the past, but can he follow his own advice and let down his own walls?

They struggle to overcome their issues and soon Chase is after her again, fixated on staking his “claim” with a startling revelation that links both the past and present. Can they find happiness with each other or is their too much to overcome? 

Only time will tell if they can…learn to let go…


Series: Learning Series, Book #3
Control can be a wonderful feeling, especially when you’re an alpha like Garrett Andrews Waters... 

But how do you control a beast from the past intent on destroying everything you hold dear? He’d already lost his parents and aunt, but now threats against him, his fiancé, Laurel Hart, and their unborn child pushes him into hiding to try and protect all he cares for. 

Can he outsmart Walt Peterson and regain control or will he lose everything he’s come to trust and love, including his own life?

Laurel Hart’s life has been upended, with one traumatic event after another… 

But she’s survived thanks to her family and Garrett. She’s learned to trust in Garrett’s love for her; letting go of her past, and his, has opened her up to the idea of learning to love again. 

Will her trust and affection be short lived with Chase Peterson hot on her trail, determined to make her his, or will justice prevail and allow them to finally live in peace and have their happily ever after? 

It’s a heart pounding race to the finish for both Garrett and Laurel, with surprises around every corner.




We don't need to go into details right now, as I can tell I have to first learn how to earn your trust and have you comfortable around me. I will say that I find not only your mind, but your entire being, utterly fascinating, and with your consent, I'd like to get to know you very well. Will you try to trust me? 
You're the only one who has ever touched my heart. You're like a siren calling to the sailors on the ocean; you arrest my entire being. 
For the first time in a while, I felt whole again. Our relationship, if you could call it that, was screwed up and flawed by the nightmares of the past. We had the potential to be tragic for one another, but were also each other's remedy, only complete in one another's arms. 
The man who I knew as my love, my dominant, my control freak, my hero, my life, never ceased to amaze me with the depth of his affection. Once he seemed to let go of his regrets about the past, his level of compassion and devotion nearly quadrupled over night. We were both headed for the unknown, but wherever we went, we would go together.  


Garrett Andrews was content in his career. He was used to controlling everything and everyone around him. He didn't spend much time getting to know others because he has lost so much and he just decided it wasn't worth caring too much anymore. This all changes when he comes to MIT to observe Laurel Hunt to see if she would be a good candidate for the company he recruits for. 

Laurel is attracted to Garrett before she even realized who he is. His blue eyes captivate her and she is mesmerized by him. She can't believe it when she finds out he is the one interviewing her for her dream job in Florida. However, because of a past tragic event, she plays her cards close to her vest and just can't allow Garrett to get too close. Her heart seems to have other plans though....

Although both characters suffer from extreme hardships in their past, the way the story brings them together is just so sweet, and tender. It is just obvious to the reader that they were meant to be. I for one, loved falling in love with them and following their journey through out the three books. I am excited I got to read all three novels as I don't think this is the type of series you can skip books in. To truly understand Garrett and Laurel, you must follow their entire journey. 

Each additional novel in this series finished with a great cliffhanger that made it impossible for me to be able to put these stories down. I loved how fast paced and nail biting all these books were. It made them go by fast and make me excited for the next one. The author also introduced new family members for Garrett and Laurel through out the books and did a great job at weaving them into the story. 

As for the romance side of things? Let's just say the words practically sizzled off the page in some parts. Wow! This author knows how to get a girls blood flowing.... 

This book would be a great addition to any readers shelves. I strongly suggest you make them part of your immediate to read pile. 

Cynthia P. O'Neill

I grew up in a small town in South Florida called Clewiston and moved to Central Florida to attend college. I married my friend, love, and soul mate and still reside in the area with our amazing son, and a feisty, four-legged little doggie boy.
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In my books, I draw on my background in healthcare, business, and science, along with my husband's engineering and wireless technology knowledge.
I currently write on all levels of Romance. The Learning Series is for those who like a little more steam with their books, falling into the categories of Contemporary and verging on Erotica, with a hint of Suspense. The Remembrance Series encompasses Young Adult, with a touch of Paranormal activity and a hint of Historical romance. A new contemporary romance series is underway, called Need. It will be different than the others, because each book will focus on a new couple, while all of the characters will still have a large presence throughout the series.

I try to make my writing very personal and close to her heart. Regular life is the inspiration for my books, but I'm only limited by imagination taking ideas to new heights, opening up possibilities that would normally not exist.

On a more personal note...I love to cook and create in the kitchen and on the bbq grill. I sometimes lose myself in a song at the piano. I often sing with my son while we are driving or making dinner together. I enjoy crafts (flower arranging, making wreaths, painting pottery, needle point and drawing in pencil and charcoals). My music tastes are eclectic at best, ranging from classical piano to hard rock/heavy metal. It all depends on the song, group, and if it has a good beat or is a soulful ballad.

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