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Wild by Alex Mallory (Excerpt, Dream Cast +Giveaway)

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Young Adult, Retelling, Contemporary
Publication.Date:July 8, 2014
Pages:448 (ARC eBook)
Published By:  HarperTeen
Website:Alex Mallory 

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Cade, a teen raised alone in the wilderness, is thrust into civilization in this modern retelling of Tarzan.

No one knows the forest better than Cade, who has spent his entire life there, foraging, hunting, and surviving. Raised to believe no one else is left in the world, he is shocked when he encounters Dara, a modern girl on a camping trip in his woods. And when an accident forces him back into society with her, he begins to question his entire life. Together, Cade and Dara attempt to handle their newfound celebrity as the media closes in. But the truth of Cade's past might be too much for either of them.

Alex Mallory's action-packed and romantic tale is told from both Cade's and Dara's point of view and is perfect for fans of contemporary and dystopian YA as well as classic survival stories such as Hatchet, Lord of the Flies, and Tarzan. (Goodreads)

Excerpt from an uncorrected ARC copy and subject to change

They took a few more steps, and a flash of yellow caught Dara's eye. She snatched a box from the ground and the last of their breakfast cereal bounced through the underbrush, fleeing like mice.

She shot Josh a look, then crushed the box to shove in her pack. They'd done a lousy job of locking the rest of the food down.

Without a word, she trudged on, more frustrated with each bit of trash she discovered. Something had scattered a bag of rice. The red peak of their tent appeared in the distance, but not before a final insult. A few feet away, a jar sat on a tree stump. It wasn't broken - but the thief had unscrewed the lid and dug tiny fingers all through the peanut butter.

"Seriously?" she asked the sky.

Dara stalked toward camp. Once again, the clearing was a disaster, wrappers and bottles scattered everywhere. The cooler hung upside down - still on its rope, completely empty.

Furious, Dara started for the sleeping tent. Just then, the smaller tent shook, something rustling behind it. The little monster was still there!

"Hey!" she shouted. She threw the walking stick toward the tent, expecting a furry, black-masked bandit to streak into the woods. The rustling stopped, but nothing moved. Plucking a rock off the ground, she hauled back to throw it.

She let it slip from her hand when the bear stood up.

Its muzzle and paw were white with biscuit mix. With dark eyes fixed on Dara, the bear flared its nostrils, huffing at air. A low creak rolled from it. Not really a growl. Another kind of sound, almost thoughtful. It shifted, like it was trying to get a better look at her.

Blank with shock, Dara fumbled for her camera. It was stupid; she didn't even have it with her. Even as she reached for it, she knew it was stupid. It was like she was too afraid to think about the threat. To remember any of the things she'd read about bear encounters before they hiked into the woods. Her fingers knew the shape of her camera; her body knew how to take a picture out of reflex.

"Run," Josh said behind her. That broke the spell and brought her back to her senses.

Tensing, she murmured back to him, "I don't think we're supposed to. I think we're supposed to make noise and scare it away, or back away slowly. Oh god, I can't remember."

Josh clapped a hand on her shoulder. "Dara, come on."

The bear popped its jaw, the sound grisly and echoing. Its fur bristled as it rose to its full height. Everything about the beast was aware, especially its eyes. Now, it did growl. Its breath fogged the air, the growl turning into a roar. Yellow teeth flashed, curved like claws. And then, it charged.

Dream Cast

This was hard! I know authors always have a picture in their head of what their characters look like and it doesn't always match what we readers envision. While I can't read Alex's mind, these are how I pictured her characters, or at least some of them, from Wild.

Cade (Samuel Larsen)

I'll be honest - I have no idea who this is. But he looks like how I picture Cade: dark hair, dread locks, toned. And I guess he can sing. Not that Cade sings in the book, but you can't argue a pretty boy with a pretty voice. Though he does need to be a bit more tan.

Dara (Analeigh Tipton)

Just as a blond. I think Analeigh is adorable! I last saw her as Mona in Warm Bodies and I can absolutely envision her as playing Dara in Wild. She seems to have that wide-eyed wonderment with just enough of a curious nature thrown in. I can see her camping out in the woods with her camera and insisting on protecting/helping Cade.

Josh (Beau Mirchoff)

I have never actually seen Beau in full force, but I've seen enough previews of Awkward to know that he'd be the perfect to play Dara's boyfriend, Josh.

Lia (Kiernan Shipka)

Lia, Dara's little sister, has quite the attitude on her. She and Dara do not always get along and she has sort of a goth vide to her. Granted Kiernan is blond, but all you'd have to do is dye her hair black. Plus, after the last few seasons of Mad Men, she's definitely got the teenage angst angle down.

Sofia (Rachel Hurd-Wood)

All I can picture is her as Wendy from Peter Pan and it just works. She seems to be the perfect friend. I don't know why exactly, but I can see her aiding Dara in helping with Cade and introducing him to the modern world.

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Alex Mallory is a pen name for YA author Saundra Mitchell. She’s a big fan of reading, history, camping and competitive M&M sorting.

She once crossed a dilapidated train trestle in the middle of the night, 200 feet above the Wabash River, in a futile attempt to prove her love to someone who had no idea she existed.

1) She lived to tell about it. 2) It didn’t work. 3) She doesn’t recommend it.

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