Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Book Buzzers Week 8 - On Book Review Requests [Deny/Accept]

Hello pretty faces! Welcome to the seventh week of Book Buzzers! 

For those of you not familiar with the concept, Book Buzzers is a vlogging team that is going to rock your pretty faces every day of the week for as long as you'll want us around (and probably even longer than that! HA!).  Every week we'll be talking up a different book-related topic. It might not always be very serious or informative, but it's probably going to be plenty of fun, so be sure to follow us on our Buzzing quest! :)

Who is on the team?! Why, I'm glad you asked, here are our awesome members!

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Wednesday: Evie from @Evie Bookish (me!) 
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Friday: Tiffany from @Escaping One Book At A Time
Saturday: Jessirae from @Words, Pages, And Books
Sunday: Amy from @Book Loving Mom

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Here's my latest Book Buzzer video!

This week's topic: 
On book review request - why we accept or deny them! 
(My pick!)

make sure to watch in HD! :)

also - how do you like our new intro?! (made by yours truly!)

What are the main things that influence your decision whether you want to accept or deny a book review request?!


Natalia Belikov @ Dazzling Reads said...

Oh sweet, very interesting video. I recently received a book review request that said something like "as a member of our special romance reviewers team, we would like to send you a copy of... blah blah blah.." and I was... totally shocked! O_O I was ... dude... I DO NOT review romance. my blog is 100% YA! and I have never ever gotten into that such called romance reviewers team... WTF! I was really pissed. I sent an email back very politely (but I still showed how offended I was by such spam email)that what they were doing was totally wrong. I mean, they didnt even check my blog since in the fraking banner on top it clearly says "YA book recommendations" It was such as spam and totally offensive. Anyways XD I hope I never receive an email from them again.

Interestnig topic. I think it will help some people out there trying to promote their books.

Take care sweetheart <3333

Amy said...

Great vlog chick!! I think we all pretty much are saying the same thing in our own words. I also hate when I get a request that calls me by the wrong name or if they attach the book.

Kristen My Bookish Fairy Tale said...

I could not agree more! Thanks so much for putting this out there. It seems like us as Bloggers need to do our research before we query Publishers why do authors not have to do the same. Thanks again Evie!

Tiffany Mahaffy said...

Great Vlog!! Truth be told my video this week will be SUPER SHORT! Out of all of us I think I have the least experience with this area of blogging... I agree with you though 100%

Candace said...

I think you covered things quite well. I don't mind too much if I'm not addressed my name but it does come down to this: we get SO many requests that I am much more likely to respond if its personalized and they show they have checked out my blog. So its possible I will accept a book that's pitched in a mass email, but its going to have to be one I already wanted to read.
I agree links and book covers are good. And a description! I can't believe it, but sometimes they don't even tell you what its about!
Another thing that's big for me is that they aren't horrible at spelling or grammar. I recently got a request and they misspelled their own name. Yeah, I know it was probably a typo but why didn't they catch it? I reread every email I send...

Dorine White said...

Love the intro.

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