Sunday, July 1, 2012

Signed, Sealed, Delivered! (Previously IMM) (#33)

Signed, Sealed, Delivered is a new meme that will replace the In My Mailbox feature that I used to participate in every month-or-so. 

The purpose of it is to post about the books we received during the past week (ARC, electronic galleys, books won in giveaways, bought or borrowed from the library - you can list anything you want!)

This is going to be a mostly picture-only edition, as - although lots and lots of exciting things happened (including HCC Frenzy Presents preview of Fall titles and meeting with the wonderful Tahereh Mafi!) - I simply don't have enough time to elaborate on all that at the moment :) Forgive me, please? :)

If you missed the Contemporary Fiction Month that's been going on here throughout the month of June, please be sure to go back and check out some of the posts! (or all of them!). It was super fun, and although I am still missing a few reviews that were scheduled to go up, but I didn't have to write them up, I consider this feature to be a major success.

There still many giveaways going on on the blog, so be sure to check the left sidebar! 

A full Contemporary Fiction Month schedule with links to all the posts will be updated later tonight!

Here's what I got this month:

HCC Frenzy Presents: preview of Fall titles (Young Adult) @ Harper Collins Canada HQ

(Tahereh Mafi is gorgeous, absolutely wonderful, beautiful, and just soooo adorable and funny!)

(With Michele, Shannon, Christa, Andrea, Brenna, Angel and Wendy.. and one more lovely Sanda-Bullock-look-alike lady - sorry don't remember your name, sweetie! U_U) 

Beauties from Penguin Canada

Beauties from my friends: Thank you Michele, Christa, Wendy, Sara, and Nicole! 

Beauties from Ada Adams! 

 Gorgeousness from Harper Collins Canada and HCC Frenzy!

 Beauties purchased via Amazon with the help of the wonderful Nicole!

 Beauties won in a giveaway!

 Gorgeous copy of The Midwife of Venice from Simon & Schuster US

 Lovely from HBG Canada

 Cool book from TOR

 Fabulous copy won in a Giveaway @ Nook Full Of Books!

 Beautiful copy of Seraphina from Random House Canada

 Sweetness from Scholastic Canada

 Great read from Harper Collins Canada

 Insanity from MR Merrick!!! <3

 3 wonderful books from Simon & Schuster Canada

 Gorgeous book from Harper Collins Canada

 Awesome Pineville Heist + wicked cool T-Shirt!

 Now this almost made me pee myself! The fabulous Antony John sent me one of his two (ONLY TWO!) ARCs of Elemental AND an ARC of Ashen Winter!!! *SQUEEEEEEE* THANK YOU!!!!

 Awesomeness from Thomas Allen&Son

 Fantastic read from Hachette UK

 Gorgeous Time-Travel book from HBG Canada

Totally fantastic book from HBG Canada

And one more awesome thing!
Teri Terry has been SLATING bloggers that read and reviewed her book, Slated! Here's me slated!

For more slateds visit her blog:

That's all I got. How about you? What did you get this week/month? Leave a comment and I'll drop by! :)
And make sure to check the left sidebar for some wicked awesome giveaways that are running right now! 


Nick said...

Fab books, Evie.
I can't wait to read all your reviews for all of them. :)
Haha ! I love the picture of you on the cover of Slated ! :D :D

Kathy said...

OMG! So much awesome in one post. GAH! You have some wicked amazing goodies/books/etc in your mailbox. Can't wait to see your reviews for these.

Such Wicked Intent is one I am seriously lusting after.

Black City and Venom look amazing (and I am anxious to start my copies). Aren't they so pretty??!

Time Between Us sounds like The Time Traveler's Wife, which is awesome because I loved that book.

Happy reading!

Ginny said...

Holy cow this was an awesome SSD for you! (Btw, I love that Sign Sealed Delivered. It also reminds me of the song from olden days)

Anyway, God Save the Queen looks cool, that is definitely one I'm going to have to look into!

Ems said...

Nice haul!! I hadn't heard of God Save the Queen, but it looks awesome. I'm putting it on my TBR list. I'm excited for Seraphina too!

My Latest Haul

Molli @ Once Upon a Prologue said...


Seriously, girl, I am just in awe. I see so many books I want to read! Several that I now need to go request ARCs yesterday! Mostly... TIME BETWEEN US! OH MY GOODNESS. That is one of my MOST anticipated fall reads. I don't know what else to say, but happy happy reading!

My Once Upon A Book Haul

readinginwinter said...

I don't even know where to begin! This is the mailbox of awesomeness!

I hope you enjoy ALL of your reading! :)

Nereyda @Mostly YA Book Obsessed said...

Holy freaking wow! So many awesome books. I am dying for falling kingdoms!

Anna @ Literary Exploration said...

I got Time Between Us this week as well!!! I'm SO EXCITED to read it :D I did a crazy happy dance when it showed up in my mail :D Hope you enjoy everything you got :D

Anna @ Literary Exploration

Dalene @ A Date with a Book said...

Love the new titled meme!! What a great haul. You'll definitely be content for a while. Maybe ??

Sana said...

Oh my, what a great number of books you got! You will be busy reading them all through the summer and what better way to spend summer anyways? =D

Here's my Book Haul post.

Sana @ artsy musings of a bibliophile

Tanja - Tanychy said...

Wow you've got some really great books! And that's awesome!! :)
Pretty much you get more books than I own. :D

Enjoy in them :)

Sai Phero said...

Wow. Many great books. I hope you enjoy summer with your books.

Madalina's Books said...

Amazing books. Enjoy them and can't wait to read your reviews :).

Patricia's Particularity said...

Looks like you did pretty well!! I see you go t a lot of swag - LOVE swag!!! I can't wait to read some of your reviews on these books, especially Shatter Me. I have read a lot of great reviews of this book.

Gaby said...

I am dying to read Never Enough I hope you really like it. It does sound like a really good book :)

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