Sunday, March 4, 2012


These are LIMITED TIME OFFERS, Hurry Up!

Here are the new Kindle deals! If you're looking for epubs, you might want to try looking these up on Smashwords, they usually go on sale at the same time :)


 Small Town Sinners is now only $4.99! (discounted from $8.99!) Go grab it!

Please let me know how you like these findings! :) 
Happy reading!


Bekka said...

The last one, the picture is Catching Jordan, not Small Town Sinners. Just a heads up!

Arianne Cruz said...

thanks so much for this post :D

Ari (Reading After Midnight) said...

Hmm.. some of these sound interesting.
Also, the cover for 'In Her Name: Empire' reminds me of Finnikin of the Rock ;)) Oh, how I loved that book.
I didn't like 'Kane Richards must die', but maybe other will.

Happy midnight reading!

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