Friday, June 10, 2011

Coming soon from Penguin Canada: Gold Mountain Blues

Publisher: Penguin Canada
To Be Released- October of 2011

    Spanning 150 years, Gold Mountain Blues is a rich saga chronicling the lives of five generations of a Chinese family transformed by the promise of a better life in Gold Mountain, the Chinese name for Canada’s majestic West Coast. For more than a year, Ling Zhang has faced public accusations that her work “plagiarizes” other works about the Chinese immigrant experience in Canada, including The Jade Peony by Wayson Choy and Disappearing Moon Café by Sky Lee. Although Penguin had no reason to believe these accusations, they have been examined in detail and proven false. Gold Mountain Blues does not infringe on any other work, and the accusations of “plagiarism” are baseless and unwarranted. Gold Mountain Blues shares only a few general plot similarities with the other works, and those similarities reflect common events and experiences in the Chinese immigrant community.

Gold Mountain Blues, sold in 12 territories, will be published simultaneously by Penguin Canada and Atlantic Books in the UK. It has been translated by Nicky Harman, a lecturer in translation and Chinese-to-English translation at Imperial College London. Ms. Harman has been a translator for eleven years. Penguin Canada will support publication of the book with a three city author tour.

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