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Interview + Giveaway! Rusty Fischer, author of Zombies Don't Cry

I'm very happy to be joined today by a new fantastic Young Adult writer! His unique and amazingly captivating book will take you on a crazy zombie-coaster ride!
So hold on tight and please welcome Rusty Fisher, author of  a new kick-ass zombie novel, Zombies Don't Cry!

E: Evie
RF: Rusty Fischer

E: Welcome to Bookish Rusty! Please tell us a little bit about yourself.
RFI am a garden variety geek who has a second life as a normal guy husband who tries not to bore his family and friends with the latest vampire, werewolf or zombie movie I rented the night before!
E: Who or what inspired you to write a book about zombies?
RF: Vampires! Vampires inspired me to write about zombies because there were too darn many of them and not enough zombies. Seriously, though, I wanted to write a book about what it might feel like to be dead, but not have any “superpowers” like vampires and werewolves and ghouls and demons do.
E: Do you mind telling us how long did it take for you to write it?
RFIt took awhile, maybe a year all told because there was an agent involved and several rewrites, and then no agent involved and several more rewrites – and even a title change thrown in there for good measure!
E: Which of your characters do you feel is most like you?
RF: I would have to say Chloe! (Ha; bet you thought I was going to say Maddy!) She’s kind of in the background, watching things, observing, a little grim because she knows what’s going to happen and not shy about saying something when she feels strongly enough about it.
E: If your book was made into a movie who would you cast for it?
RF: I have been asked this a few times and I’m glad because I keep changing my mind.

I just saw Thor so, for Maddy, definitely Kat Williams! (No, wait; he’s the comedian!) Kat DENNINGS!

And now I’m thinking Hazel has a LOT of Natalie Portman in her; not looks so much, but definitely that perky and fun but also tough sensibility.

Okay, moving away from Thor, Chloe would definitely be an Ellen Page (Juno, Inception) type, just more Goth. Maybe not so much in stature, I picture Chloe as generally bigger but definitely in the smartass attitude I would have to go with Ellen.

Now, for the guys.

Stamp is definitely more your white bread, high school yearbook cover model dude. You may not know his name but there is a guy who is perfect for him called Matthew Davis. He’s in Vampire Diaries but was also in Legally Blonde and, more recently, the awesome and underrated Ahhh! Zombies. (So, see, he’s already got the zombie cred!)

For Dane, I said in an earlier interview that he’s kind of a younger Paul Walker from Fast and the Furious and I still go by that, but now that I’ve seen Tron: Legacy and Country Strong I would add a little Garrett Hedlund thrown in. How’s that for a dream cast, huh?
E: Where is your favorite place for writing? Do you have any special writing rituals? 
RF: I pretty much stick to my home office, which isn’t very glamorous I know but for me it’s not the place so much as just staring at the screen and grunting through the pages. I don’t mean to make it sound mercenary but when I’m writing, really writing, where I am tends to fade away and I’m right there in what I’m writing about, so… I’m not very big on the trappings or rituals. Sorry for such a boring answer, but… if you could see my lame home office, you’d understand!
E: What genres do you like to read in your free time?
RF: I go through phases. Right now I’m on a Biography fix! I’m reading Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger), Rick Springfield, Wes Craven and Rob Lowe at the same time; whichever floats my boat when I turn off the TV at night. Other times I dig true crime or murder mysteries. I also just got into Harry Potter over Christmas for the first time and really, really enjoyed that, so… the short answer is, whatever I’m feeling like at the time!
E: Which of your favorite books would you recommend everybody to read?
RF: This is one of those “If you were trapped on a deserted island, what ____ would you bring?” questions. There are three books I think everybody should read at some point and that I recommend to everyone if/when they ask: The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger, Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt and Carrie by Stephen King; that is all!
E: Do you have any other hobbies that you enjoy?
RF:  Movies, bike rides, going out to dinner… all with my wife, Martha. I don’t have a ton of free time and most of what I do have I spend writing, or thinking about writing, or reading for ideas or watching movies for ideas, so when I have “true” free time – i.e. away from a computer screen – I like to spend it with Martha and/or my friends and family. Writer spend so much time alone, so when I’m not writing I like to be with people!
E: If you could have a paranormal power, what power would you want and why?   
RF: I think what drew me to zombies was that they have no real “power” per se, other than not feeling pain or having to deal with potty issues or annual physicals! I like that kind of “slow and steady” groove they have and, of course, I made them super strong to be able to compete with the other “monsters” out there, but if I could have one power it would be immortality because I really like life and want to live it for as long as possible.
E: What are your biggest pet peeves?   
RF: Rude, ill-mannered, self-centered, don’t care about the rest of the world individuals; that is all – and you KNOW who you are you little….
E: Tell us five random facts about yourself.   
         Has a serious Little Debbie addiction
Doesn’t own a single bookshelf
Listens to Christmas music all year round
Goes through a gallon of hand sanitizer per day
Just bought a stand-up desk and boy, are my legs tired…

Random Questions:

- white or dark chocolate? Definitely dark!
- coffee or tea? Does Coke Zero count?!?! If not, how about iced coffee?
- favorite fictional character? Shaggy, from Scooby-Doo (especially if you turn the sound off!)
- favorite movie? The Verdict starring Paul Newman
- favorite song? The Last Thing I Needed (First Thing This Morning) by Willie Nelson
- favorite TV show? Rockford Files!!!
- Spring or Autumn? Autumn!
- printed copy or eBook? Why you gotta go starting trouble?!?!?

Rusty, thank you so much for joining us today!  
I'm looking forward to reading and reviewing your next books!

I hope you guys enjoyed the interview, for more information about Rusty and his books, please visit his website: Zombies Don't Cry  or/and read my review of Rusty's book.

If you're wondering where to get Zombies Don't Cry, here are the links:
*Barnes and Noble
*Book Depository

And now, for the GIVEAWAY!!!
Rusty generously provided us with a printed copy of his wonderful book, Zombies Don't Cry! Trust me when I say YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS OUT ON THAT!

Giveaway ends on Saturday, June 11th and is open INTERNATIONALLY! (yay~!)

All you have to do to Enter is  be a GFC follower of my blog and fill out the form below.

For extra entries:
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The winner will be picked with and emailed by me.

Thanks Rusty! And good luck everyone :)


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Haha, I was obsessed with Scooby Doo when I was younger. Thanks!

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I like zombie movies, but there aren't too many zombie novels! I will have to check this out, thanks!

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I've seen this book on so many blogs now and always there are great things said. A good thing as I'm on quite the zombie craze right now.

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Thanks for the giveaway! :)

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Evie, thanks for hosting another sweet giveaway!

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I really like zombie movies and books. thanks for the giveaway

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Great interview! It looks like a fascinating read, it has been added to my 'to read' list!

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I love zombie books, but it often feels like they are losing originality. This looks like a fresh take on the zombie tale. I can't wait to read this one!

And thanks for the chance to win one!

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wow.. zombie!! nice interview..

thanks for Giveaway and making it internationally

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Thanks to you, for making this giveaway, and thanks to Rusty Fisher, for making this giveaway possible providing you with a book, yay!

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Always love reading about Rusty. I'm an avid fan and love all his work!! :D

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