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(GPT) Why Write YA Lit with a Male Lead? by Tamara Rose Blodgett

I'm very excited to welcome Tamara Rose Blodgett to Bookish today!

Tamara is the author of The Death Series - a true sparkling gem among YA series told from a male protagonist's perspective! Book One in the series, Death Whispers, was published March 30th 2011 and it's now available in both paperback and ebook edition! 

Guys, please give a warm welcome to Tamara...

About Tamara:
Tamara Rose Blodgett is a 'thinking-out-of-the box' paranormal enthusiast who believes there's a 95% chance zombies do not exist; but loves to write as if they do... I'm from the Seattle area originally and have worked as an online journalist in the past. I enjoyed writing, Death Whispers, and am already hard at work on book two, Death Speaks, (pub. Aug. 2011), while also wrapping up my paranormal romance, The Pearl Savage, due to publish in mid-June. In my spare time I'm a [reluctant] serial-re-modeler, project-slave and big time, in-my-pants reader (surprise!). I do a great deal of day-dreaming about impossible scenarios and events, writing books to capture them in stories for you~ Side note: Gnomes should be exterminated. 

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Why Write YA Lit with a Male Lead?
A Guest Post by
Tamara Rose Blodgett

     Writing Death Whispers from a teenage boy's perspective wasn't difficult ( my four sons and all their friends were fodder for the novel!). I fell in love with the idea of a fresh premise told from the male POV as soon as I had the story in my head.
     Caleb Hart has the same problems all teens have except the pesky zombie-raising that rears its ugly head at the worst possible times. Just like everything in teen-dom it's about finesse, and that is a learning experience that he suffers through along with all the other fun puberty stuff. This is a novel about real teens in extraordinary circumstances. Many of the events that take place in this book challenge Caleb...morally. I like putting my protagonist(s) under pressure from the beginning...all the way to the end. Action and crisis are part of the reading pleasure (for me). I've heard other authors describe that they write books they'd want to read and when others love them too; bonus. That's what I did here: writing a book with real dialogue that teens actually use, lots of action and romance that unfolds naturally.
     I don't write a “clean,” or sanitized story...where, everybody comes from perfect families that robotic-ally interact in an expected way, hence: my main character falls for a girl he's hopelessly attracted to that hails from a nightmare family. This strife is part of what makes the story's heartbeat tick-tock along. Caleb matures during the story, his experiences begin to shape him, he begins the journey of self-discovery, making decisions that will shape him into the man he will become.


     I love genetics, but am far from expert. I did do enough research for the premise (DW) to be plausible. All three series' I'm working on and will work on have their basis in the “what-if” factor. [The] human potential is intriguing to me.
     In Death Whispers we have a group of teens that are given a “booster” inoculation before high school that sends them down a slippery slope of power and choice. The Pearl Savage, (paranormal romance, publishing in June) addresses what happens when genes are tampered with and a group of humans become...other: bred to protect. Bloodsingers (Publishing in fall 2011) deals with a sub-species of human beings that balance the “food load” for the vamps and give the Were's a chance to become moonless changers. This rare group, Bloodsingers, are but a fraction of the human population and have a skill set that makes them as dangerous as the vamps and shifters. Finally, a group of humans that can fight against them on equal-footing because of evolutionary circumstance.
     My hope [for you] while reading Death Whispers is (besides being wildly entertaining!) is some of the stereotypes will be debunked about boys. There are some things that will be stereotypical because they're simply true. Conversely, there will also be the moments when the reader's mental light bulb goes off with an “Ah-huh!” The girls are clever as well and not diminished one bit in their respective roles in the book. All the characters have flaws which makes the reading of it more real; that was the goal for me, a unique read that was entertaining, imaginative and resonated with all who read it. (And encouraging teenage boys to read feels pretty snazzy!)
Thanks for reading my stories...

Wasn't that a fantastic guest post? I really love stories told from male character's perspective (need an example? Chaos Walking Trilogy by Patrick Ness - fab!). How about you guys? Male lead or female lead?
Both Tamara and I would love to see your comments!

Tamara, thank you so much  for taking the time out of your busy schedule to join us here today! I'm so looking forward to Death Whispers!

Published March 30th 2011

Caleb can't seem to stop the accidental zombie raisings, the science experiments are murder, and road kill has taken on a whole new meaning; add in the two dudes dogging him at school and he's about to explode.

When he finally gets the courage to ask Jade out, things start going his way...until her dad starts stalking her and the government starts stalking Caleb. How does he defeat them, protect Jade, and shake the jerks that are making him miserable?

Death Whispers, a Futuristic Paranormal tale of friendship, romance and government intrigue, explores the life of fourteen year-old, Caleb Hart, "normal" teen and corpse-raiser...

Caleb has the most rare of the paranormal powers, Cadaver-Manipulation (aka corpse-raiser). In this world of the future, with Brain Impulse "pulse" Technology's wide-spread use and influence keenly realized, routine school inoculation has expanded to include a pharmaceutical cocktail, which once administered, unlocks the genetic potential for paranormal abilities. Using this small window of puberty, teens who have the genetic propensity find themselves manifesting extraordinary gifts; some of which garner the full attention of our government. Caleb must camouflage his new "talent" during the mandatory eighth grade Aptitude Test so that he remains undiscovered while establishing choice for his future. However, events beyond his control systematically reveal Caleb and his friends, which force them to fight for their freedom. In the midst of this struggle, his girlfriend's father battles to reassert his abusive dominance in her life while a couple of "peer enemies" thwart his efforts of secrecy at every turn. In the explosive climax, Caleb must protect his friends, and Jade, the one he all costs.

Other books by Tamara Rose Blodgett: 
* The Pearl Savage (Savage Series, Book 1) Publishing June 2011
* Death Speaks (The Death Series, Book 2)

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blackplume said...

This is different - a male lead point of view! Interesting! I would love to read this one.

Alexandra Roxana said...

Sounds like a really good book, it's always nice and fresh to read a book wrote by a female author with a male point of view :D

Thanks for the giveaway and thanks to Tamara for giving us the opportunity of reading her book!



Birgit said...

This sure is different, I honestly couldn't name many books with a male POV as most seem to be from the female perspective!
Thanks for the giveaway!

jamellamedrano said...

Wohoo! Great Giveaways!

Sandy! said...

I didn't know her and this book seems very interesting (male point of view!! >_<)
Thanks for the chance!

Diana said...

Book has very interesting and unique story. Thanks for the giveaway!

Pustoaica said...

Awesome giveaway!I really want to read this book.

scattered_laura said...

A fantastic giveaway. I love the male POV as I think it offers something fresh in YA lit.

Christie said...

I love that this is from the male POV. It's always nice to know what the guy is really thinking sometimes! I'm really interested in reading this book now!!

Bonnie said...

I loved this guest post! I could go either way male or female POV as long as its written well and entertaining. Evie, you've caught my attention with this book. Thanks for hosting another giveaway - talk about generous girl - it seems like you are giving away something every week! :)

tfalick said...

what a great post! and awesome giveaway! thank you! looking forward to reading it! got my fingers crossed and everything :D

Lisa R/alterlisa said...

Thanks for the giveaway.
I'm a follower on GFC-Lisa Richards


alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

SiNn said...

ive never actually read anything from aguys point of view def fbe well worth the read I love fun fresh new ideas

janhvi said...

thank you soo much for this awesome giveaway!!!

Andra said...

I absolutely LOVE male POV's....most of my favorite books and series have male leads...theres just something less...whiny about male leads lol...they might be upset about their lot in life...but chances are they wont go moping and wailing about it ahah

teepee said...

I've never read a book with a male POV before.. interesting :) thanks for the giveaway :)

Stacie said...

Interesting book:)

Thanks for the giveaway.


scarletkira said...

Thanks for the giveaway. It's refreshing to see a book written from a male perspective from a female writer. Actually, it's just cool to see a male perspective in YA.

Majanka said...

I can't wait to read this book. From a male's perspective, well that's something interesting for a change! Thanks for making this international!

heykiddego said...

Mmmmmm, zombies. :-D

Evk said...

The author is very charismatic! Zombies are probably new vampires :) I can't wait to read this book. It has really good ratings.

Tamara Rose Blodgett said...

Thanks for all your comments~! :D


Thanks for giveaway! :)
And.. zombies? AWESOME :D

Tamara Rose Blodgett said...

Thanks for so graciously hosting the giveaway for Death Whispers~! *you rock*! XOXO

Tamara Rose Blodgett said...

Thanks Evie! :D

Evie said...

No, Tamara, thank YOU :) I'm just in the middle of your book and it rocks!! I am so amazed by your writing style, girl! :) So glad you stopped by my blog and asked me to review it! :)


Lindsay said...

WOW! What an amazing post, you two! Totally lovin' it! Thanks for the chance to win this great giveaway. Stoked to read more from Tamara either way =)
Evie- I'm adding your blog button to the "My Fav Bloggers" scroll on mine <3

Tamara Rose Blodgett said...

Thanks Evie...that is supremely great to hear! I know you're busy, thanks for taking the time... :D

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