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(Guest Post Time!!!) I Roam Around Around Around by Jason McIntyre

I'm very excited to welcome Jason McIntyre to Bookish today!

Jason is my all-time favorite writer, his stories kept me up all night many, many times! He's also the sole reason for me to start blogging regularly in the first place, as I just couldn't stop myself from raving about The Night Walk Men (there it is! I've said it! Mystery solved!). I am deeply impressed and inspired by his exquisite writing style and how wonderful a person he is.
If you like solid, engaging, bone-chilling thrillers, Jason's books are the ones you want to get! The stories he tells are one-of-a-kind and nothing like you've ever read before, so be sure to check them out! (You can find the links at the bottom of this post!).

My review of his latest novel, THALO BLUE, is coming up soon, so be sure not to miss it! Here's my review of Jason's short story: The Night Walk Men 

Guys, please give a warm welcome to Jason...

About Jason:

Born on the prairies, Jason McIntyre's observation of vibrant characters and vivid surroundings help populate the worlds inside his stories. Before his time as a writer, editor and communications professional, he spent several years as a graphic designer and commercial artist.

His novel ON THE GATHERING STORM is cited by readers as an “uncomfortably thrilling” read. Some tell tales of fainting spells, vomiting and self-mutilation as they read the harrowing ordeal of Hannah Garretty.

His current full-length novel in release is the suspense-mixed-with-coming-of-age thriller, THALO BLUE, a dark, fantastical thriller mixed with surreal family drama. Sebastion Redfield's home life is messed up beyond repair, but that's nothing next to what happens when a strangers breaks into his house one cold winter morning. No word on any faintings just yet.

Jason is the author of more than two dozen short stories, several novellas and full-length fiction. Currently, Jason is hard at work on a follow-up novel series about  THE NIGHT WALK MEN.

Jason loves talking to his readers and you can connect with him at his website,


I Roam Around Around Around
A Guest Post by
Jason McIntyre

     When I was a kid, I had a teacher in school who tried to degrade me by calling me “The Wanderer” because I meandered from desk to desk and visited with all the other kids when we had any time dedicated to being quiet or finishing some kind of a lesson on our own.

I knew he meant to make me feel bad, guilt me into returning to my own desk and doing something that didn’t involve the other kids who didn’t yet have their work done. But I didn’t care. I remember shrugging my shoulders and then heading out into the hall where a good friend of mine was doing some math problems, belly down on the cold tile floor, waxed to perfection.

     Friend had heard what happened inside the classroom and looked up at me, twiddling his number two pencil. His dad liked to listed to the oldies when he took my friend around town in one of his classic cars. Friend smiled and started singing, “They call me the wanderer, yeah, the wanderer, I roam around around around yeah!”

     We both laughed. Teacher-man didn’t like it, stormed out into the hall and gave us both detention. Again, I shrugged.

     Truth is, I am a wanderer. In my writing, I wander from genre to genre. My hope is to expose real life, and hell, if real life is being lived, there’s danger, romance, suspense, drama, comedy and satire. All around us, these things mingle. Why shouldn’t they in writing?

     Aside from that, I loved visiting with the other kids. I didn’t necessarily like all the kids in my class and I probably favoured some, spent more moments with my friends, but I wanted to know, even at that young age, what made them tick. I think it might have something to do with why people continue to tell me, all these years later, how comfortable they are telling me their hopes and fears, and, yes, sometimes even their deep dark secrets.

     Giving a character room to share his secrets with you, as a storyteller, is one sure-fire way to get their hearts beating independent from life support. I say, learn about the skeleton’s in those characters’ closets and you’ll get them up and on their feet as if they were your aunt Susan and your Uncle Walter in no time.

     Plus, I’ve always been a one-on-one kind of guy. I like to get to know people in real life, and in my stories -- whether I’m writing or reading them. I find that the best fiction dwells on individual characters, one at a time. We go right into their worlds, their minds, their behaviours at an almost minute level, if we can. If I can get down to a character’s level and really understand why they’re doing what they’re doing then I can translate that logically to the story. It makes the characters behave like they could plop down on the couch beside us and tell us about their day. And, in the end, isn’t that what we all want from our fiction as readers? A story so real, despite whatever outrageous genre it’s in, that lives and breathes as if it was happening all around us?

Both Jason and I would love to see your comments!

Jason, thank you so much  for taking the time out of your busy schedule to join us here today! It's always a great pleasure to talk to you.  I am  so looking forward to The Night Walk Men novel series!

And now, for the GIVEAWAY!!!
Jason generously provided us with 2 ebook copies of SHED and 2 ebook copies of ON THE GATHERING STORM, which means 4 winners! (isn't that wonderful? Thank you, Jason!)

Giveaway ends on Saturday, May 14th and it's open to everyone!

All you have to do to Enter is  be a GFC follower of my blog and fill out this FORM

For extra entries:

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The winners will be picked with and emailed by Jason.

Thanks so much Jason! And good luck everyone :)


Evk said...

Thank you for the giveaway! I would like to read some of Jason’s books. I have not an opportunity yet.

Books4Life said...

Thank you for the giveaway! The guest post is hilarious, I am dying to read some of Jason's works! I visited his website and I just love the videos he makes! Everyone should check them out :)

Cean said...

Awesome giveaway :D I wish I win, totally want to read his book!

Eden Baylee said...

Jason, you can run, but you cannot hide! Found ya here! I'm already a fan of yours, so I'll follow Evie too.

Loved your post, and I can see how your wandering as a child has translated into your writing. Reading On the Gathering Storm now, and it's obvious that characterization is important to you. For me, this is the mark of someone who can write well. Breathing life into characters is a skill, and you perform CPR so beautifully.

As for getting people to open up to you as a person? The reasons are: You are interesting, but more importantly, you are interested - genuinely interested in others. That makes it easy for people to reveal their secrets to you. Plus, as I've told you before, you don't take yourself too seriously - I only have to watch your crazy "In the Dark" videos to see that!

j. said...

Evk, Books4Life and Cean, thanks for commenting, reading and showing interest. Great of you to stop by! Would love it if you could win! :)

Eden, you're so kind to say I can breathe life into written characters. It is of utmost importance to me, yes.

Thank you for finding me here and everywhere. You're a twinkling gemstone on the sandy beach of my life.

Aparajita Basu said...

thanxxx for the giveaway if i don't win then maybe i can check at my bookstore for it

Janine said...

Great post! ^^

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