Monday, April 4, 2011

Cover Crazy - Monday meme (#4)

Cover crazy is a weekly meme created by: The Book Worms

So this Monday  I am totally crazy about this one!

Now, my pick for this week's CC is a book I came across on Goodreads, while exploring one of the listopias for Best Covers. It was published in 2009, so it's not a recent book, but I thought it worth mentioning. "Envy" is a third part of "Luxe" series by Anna Godbersen.
Why I like it? Well, it's pretty obvious that I'm kind of obsessed with girls in beautiful dresses. I think so far all my CC picks were ones featuring beautiful girls in stunning dresses. Call me predictable, but I really do love these kind of covers ^__^

I also really like the colors - white dress and two red streaks of red. It's classy and gorgeous. I love it!

About the book: 
Envy by Anna Godbersen

(Goodreads description)
In this sequel to Rumors, novelist Elizabeth Holland returns to the inner circle of New York's Gilded Age upper crust. Gramercy Park society watchers quickly notice that differences appear to be simmering between Elizabeth and her sister Diana. Meanwhile, troubles are also festering between celebrated newlyweds Henry and Penelope Schoonmaker. Apparently, the stately brass doors of Manhattan's 400 conceal more tumult than the general public suspects. Silk gowns and scandals
Has anyone read it? If so, please share your thoughts on this book with me, I'd love to find out if it's worth picking up! 
As usual, please share your Cover Crazy with me! Don't forget to leave a linky!!


Belle said...

Love the Luxe covers for those beautiful dresses!

Vy (Vy's Blog) said...

The series has the most beautiful covers! Love them :)

abeautifulmadness said...

It looks like such a great series. The covers are all gorgeous.

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