Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday (#2)

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted at The Broke and the Bookish
Each week we get to make a list of ten things! isn't it great? Let's start then!

This week’s theme is: Top Ten Authors That Deserve More Recognition

Wow, that's a tough one!
There are so many wonderful authors out there that definitely deserve more recognition! I think I could spend the whole week making a list.. So let me answer you off the top of my head, ok?
  1. Amy Jones - this brilliant woman definitely deserves more recognition. Her Soul Quest book was such a good read, I wish more people would know about it!You can read more about Amy and her book in my review and author interview!
  2. Jason McIntyre - Have you heard of THALO BLUE or Night Walk Men? How about On the Gathering Storm? No? Well then what are you waiting for? This guy really knows how to write, if you like Dean Koontz or Stephen King, you should definitely check his books out, too! Here's Jason's Goodreads page: Jason McIntyre
  3. Daniel Keyes - How many of you ever heard about Flowers for Algernon? This was one of the best book I ever read. I finished it in 3 hours! It was sooo brilliant! I strongly recommend to check it out!
  4. Patrick Ness- Now I know this author is already pretty recognizable, after all his Chaos Walking trilogy was a big hit, but in my opinion he deserves far more recognition than he's receiving. CW trilogy was one of the best YA trilogies I have ever read!
  5. Joe Hill - Absolutely phenomenal author. Read and loved all his books and I wish he was even more known than he already is! He deserves it!
  6. Trudi Canavan - Fantasy writer. Such an amazing writer, I loved all her books, they're so pleasant to read, so magical! I wish everyone could read them!

Ok, I'll stop at six today! I could probably go on forever, for there are so many great authors out there, but these are my favorite ones and I don't want to make this list too long. Let's just focus on the ones mentioned above, shall we? :) Please take a minute to visit their Goodreads pages! I can guarantee, you won't be disappointed :)

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Amber Griffiths said...

Great list! The only author I've heard of in this list in Patrick Ness, although I haven't read his books yet.
I've written these down so I can check the authors out on Goodreads!

My List

Ladybug said...

Wonderful list, thank you for sharing! I have to look into these authors now. I've only read two of Trudi Canavan's books and I've heard of Patrick Ness and Amy Jones :)

BookBelle said...

Evie: Can't wait to start searching out some of your authors. Here's mine:



Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

I thought this was a difficult challenge, too.

Thanks for reminding me about Hill. I've always meant to go back and read him.

Here's my list of Ten Authors Who Deserve More Recognition. I hope you will stop in and talk books.

geosireads said...

A though one indeed but I love your list. Thanks for sharing this.

Birdie said...

Wow! That's a strong recommendation for Flowers for Algernon...I'll have to put it on my list.

Tribute Books Mama said...

I heard of Daniel Keyes, great book, stop and see mine.

Alexis @ Reflections of a Bookaholic said...

I've heard of some of these authors but never read them. Point taken. Great list.

Amy Jones said...

Thank you Evie for such a tremendous compliment, what an honor. I am speechless (and that isn't easy to accomplish, tee hee). I will back you up on Daniel Keyes. I love this story (Flowers for Algernon). In fact, I love it so much that I selected the One Act version of it for my Theater students to perform at play festival this past fall. They made me cry, which is a good thing for those of you who are not familiar with the story. Read it! You will LOVE it! I'm going to investigate the other authors/books you mentioned too.


A Backwards Story said...

I've heard of three of these authors. Of those, I read and LOVED Daniel Keyes. Flowers for Algernon was one of my favorite school books! You're the second person to mention Trudi Canavan to me recently, so I must read her. Patrick Ness' series doesn't sound like my thing, but I hear great stuff!

I'll have to look into the others!

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