Meet Jessica

I'm a girl who loves books and has a tendency to care very much about book characters. Especially the cute male ones.

I run a blog called Stuck In Books, contribute to a blog called YA Bound (as well as Bookish Lifestyle, of course!), and am Victoria Scott's assistant.

As far as what I like to read, I usually say that if it makes me swoon, I want to read it. Because I enjoy swooning.

(make sure to state in the email or subject that you're requesting for BOOKISH LIFESTYLE)

Reading preferences:

I accept requests for both print copies and e-copies, but I DO tend to prefer print copies.

I only accept requests for YA/NA books. Any adult books I review are through sign-ups or personal request, like Taste the Heat. I'm open to any genre as long as there are romantic elements.

I do NOT read middle grade, religious fiction, non-fiction, self-help books.

In all my reviews, I include the following information:
  • Book cover
  • Buy links (Amazon, B&N, Indie Bound)
  • Author links (author's website)
  • Book info (print date, genre, number of pages)
  • Blurb (usually from Goodreads)
  • My review (usually AT LEAST four paragraphs)
  • 2-5 quotes
  • Rating

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