Meet Debbie

Writer, Dreamer.Spiritual. Bookaholic. Author Devotee.

I'm obsessed with reading and reviewing most everything I read. My "To Be Read" pile keeps growing bigger and faster every day. I don't see how I will ever find enough time to read all the books I want to.

I especially love Chick LIt as it almost always has a happy ending.


Reading Preferences:

The only genre of books I don't review are horror, mystery and biography. Most everything else, I enjoy reading and reviewing. I am a pretty quick reader so I can turn a book review around in approximately ten days. My reviews are honest and thought provoking without spoilers.

Both e-books and print copies are fine!

In all my reviews, I include the following information:
  • Book cover
  • Buy links (Amazon, B&N, Indie Bound)
  • Author links (author's website)
  • Book info (print date, genre, number of pages)
  • Blurb (usually from Goodreads)
  • My review (usually AT LEAST four paragraphs)
  • 2-5 quotes
  • Rating
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