Wednesday, September 7, 2016

DIY Project: Phone Jack Cover

Like many individuals of today's world, Joe and I do not have a landline. And like most homes of today's world, we have an unused unsightly phone jack on our kitchen wall. For the first years in our home it hung out in the open. Unsightly. And an eyesore.

At least to me. It didn't seem to bother Joe too much, but it made me twitch whenever I would look at it. For a while, I had an apron hanging over the phone jack, but it also covered the light switch and since it was hung by Command hooks, which are super useful in other cases, it didn't look pretty. Prettier than just the phone jack, but I still wasn't a huge fan.

My biggest issue was location. Look how close it is to the corner where the walls meet! I know previous owners have made a few renovations, but its location made it tricky to cover. Not to mention, these are tricky things to cover up in general! They aren't flat so I couldn't just put a picture frame over it and I didn't want to remove it ("What if when we go to sell our house, we sell it to people who want a landline and now they don't have the option? The house will be their dream house, but without a phone jack in the kitchen they don't want to buy it!" *insert eye roll from husband*).

This weekend I decided it was time to do something more "permanent." My first thought was to use a decorative box sign to hang over the jack, but the few that I have didn't work and the store I usually buy them from didn't have one I thought would work well in our kitchen. Either they didn't fit or the saying didn't mesh well with a kitchen/home/family vibe.

So I wandered around my house waiting for inspiration to strike when I came across the numerous empty shoe boxes I have in the spare bedroom waiting to be thrown out. My only thought was to why they've been sitting there for two weeks and never actually made it to the trash is because some part of me knew they would come in handy - not because I was too lazy to actually throw them out when I remembered to do so.

I opted to use the box from my iPad (that I got four years ago and held on to the box for . . . reasons) because it would fit perfectly both over the phone jack and in the space itself. So with my box in hand, I grabbed some scrapbook paper, dot glue, and a box cutter to begin crafting away while finishing my Gilmore Girls rewatch.

After making the big decisions (which design am I going to pick, which corner of the scrapbook paper will be the focus, should I have it off center or centered, etc.), I finally went ahead and began gluing the scrapbook paper to the box. And fair warning, this glue is sticky. I learned the hard way, and nearly avoided a catastrophe, that once the paper meets the glue the paper and the glue are forever one.

I'm not a super crafty individual, but I can do enough to get by. So after choice words and a few near misses with the box cutter, I was able to create my own phone jack cover with supplies I had lying around the house.

I considered adding a picture or something to the upper left-hand corner of the box to give it a little extra something, but after staring at it for a few minutes I knew it would look too cluttered and busy. Perhaps if I'd gone with a more plain scrapbook piece of paper I would have added a little decoration, but I think it works just fine as is. However, to give it a little extra something, I put a butterfly Christmas ornament and the cross our Reverand gave Joe and me as a wedding present on top. 

I absolutely love the way this looks and it was so simple to put together!

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