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Once Upon A Stolen Time by Samreen Ahsan {Book Review & Giveaway}

Fantasy, Fiction
Publication.Date  December 1st, 2015
Published By:  Amazon Digital Services
AuthorSamreen Ahsan

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All her life, Myra Farrow has been obsessed with medieval castles—and the kings and princes who once inhabited them. Now, wealthy videogame designer Steve Bernard wants her to model for a princess character in his new game. Myra can’t resist his offer, especially when she learns that Steve plans to film inside the mysterious Hue Castle—a cursed, barren, colorless place forbidden to visitors for centuries. But unknown to Myra, her soul is bound to Hue Castle by blood and sorcery. When she enters its doors, she awakens dark powers that will reach through time—stealing her past, torturing her present, and rewriting her future.

Edward Hue, the last of the Hue royal bloodline, has never stood in the sunshine or held a living flower. Cursed from birth to live in darkness and bring death to all he touches, he is at the mercy of his cruel, tyrannical father, who will not rest until he shatters Edward’s soul and makes his son into a diabolical copy of himself. Edward’s one hope is the mysterious woman who haunts his dreams—who will either break his curse and bring him out of the darkness, or destroy him utterly.

For Myra and Edward, past and future collide in a tale of love, obsession, betrayal, and the hope for redemption

Love is a camouflage of beauty. You feel free in love, but in truth, you’re trapped.
Love doesn’t need consent or someone’s approval. It is as inevitable as life and death

Set in 2015 Myra was obsessed with medieval castles, Kings, Princes and such. A rich computer game designer wants her as part of his virtual game, and for her to go with him to Hue Castle. A place where she always wanted to go, even though it has been unoccupied for centuries and reported to be haunted. She is thrilled and accepts his offer, not worrying about any of the unforeseen consequences. Little does she know what she will uncover in this castle that has been a historical no-no for centuries.

Back in 1415, Edward Hue is the last of the Hue bloodline. He (and his family) have been cursed, to never see sunshine, to see his own reflection, or to fall in love. He lives under the reign of his tyrant and cruel Father, a man he despises and wants to be nothing like. The only thing that comforts Edward is his sister and his niece. Then the worst happens to Edward and he must choose what destiny he is to follow.

Edward is haunted by dreams of a woman, he feels she will be the one to break the curse, or doom him to darkness and destruction. He isn't sure if she is there to save him or kill him. 

This book is a mix of fantasy, historical and romance. It has mystery, love, family secrets and the exploration of the castle is quite intense and makes the reader jump with anticipation of what will be discovered next. 

Once Upon a Stolen Time is the first book in a series and there is a BIG cliffhanger which only leaves me wanting more! 

Myra is a very likable heroine who is driven by her romantic obsession for this castle and the prince beyond the mirror, and Edward is a dark and angry man who may be too damaged to ever find his love. I also really enjoyed the love quotes between each chapter, they were a nice touch that got the reader ready for more romance.

This story was very hard to put down once you got started. The beginning starts out a bit slow but once Myra gets into the castle, the story just keeps flowing with twists and turns that make the reader want more and more. There is a HUGE plot twist towards the end of the novel that leaves the reader even more shocked. I just loved the way this story kept unfolding.

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