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Musical Musings: August 2016

Musical Musings is a new feature where I'll be talking about music! There'll be two posts a month---the first of which will be about some random musical topic, and the second post of the month (like this one!) will be a recap of my month in music. To learn more about this feature and whatnot, click here to check out my introduction post! :)

August Overall

I wish I had more to say about my month in music but as I said in my Discover Weekly post, I've still been so hung up on Hamilton. Plus, everything that can go wrong HAS been going wrong for my family and me lately, so I've been so busy. I learned that my 2 year-old nephew likes Hamilton, though! I was babysitting him and played a song (Burn) and he was so enthralled by it. So then I played him more and it actually held his attention well enough for a few songs. I'm sure you can imagine my utter joy at this discovery!

Anyway, I did make a playlist for this month. It's called Wolf (because I've been reading Scarlet by Marissa Meyer this month). It's a mix of things: Hamilton songs I've been especially fond of this month, songs that have been put on (or BACK on) my radar thanks to Discover Weekly, a whole lot of Fall Out Boy (because one of their songs was in one of my Discover Weekly playlists and it put me in a mood to binge a bunch of FOB music), and a few songs from a musical called Spring Awakening (more on that later).

Though my pickings are much smaller than I'd like for this month, I do still have some top songs from this month to talk about...

My Top Five Songs of August 2016

The Room Where It Happens - Leslie Odom Jr. (& more)

This is the first time in my entire obsession with Hamilton that I've been stuck on this song. Like, I've known it's existed. I've listened to it. But I never paid much attention to it. I never randomly quoted it or even loved this one particular song. Which seemed odd to me because this was one of the first songs that I heard talked about from the music before I listened to it myself. But then for whatever reason, I got this random urge to listen to this song earlier this month...and I've been listening to it incessantly ever since. (And I'm not complaining. Not even a little.)

Ever the Same - Rob Thomas

This song! I've loved it for so long. So, so long. And it's been on my mind every now and then this year---like at my nephew's birthday party where it played in a bowling alley. But I hadn't properly sat down and listened to it in A WHILE. Until, wonder of wonders, it showed up in my Discover Weekly playlist. Now I listen to it regularly.

All That's Known - Jonathan Groff

I was listening to my Hamilton playlist on my phone (SHOCKER) when Spotify decided to play a recommended song (something that generally grinds my gears). I planned to skip over it until two things happened: 1) I realized the song playing actually wasn't bad, and 2) Jonathan Groff was singing. In case you are unaware (though I'm sure you already know), Jonathan Groff plays King George in Hamilton. So of course I was more than willing to listen to the end of this song he sang. And of course, after I enjoyed the song, it made sense that I sat down and listened to the entire cast album for Spring Awakening---the play this song is from. There are so many good songs there! This was a good life choice.

Young Volcanoes - Fall Out Boy

This song is the reason there's so much Fall Out Boy on this month's playlist. What a Catch, Donnie was the song in my Discover Weekly playlist that brought FOB to mind, but this song is the one I was desperate to listen to when I began my binge. It's so catchy and I love it and I could listen to it on repeat for basically forever. So, so good. And especially great for summer! Lighthearted and fun. Ahhhh I love it.

Teenagers - My Chemical Romance

This gem popped up in my Discover Weekly playlist for this week and oh, the nostalgia! This was the first MCR song I ever listened to---I've since listened to A LOT more of their music and can honestly say I adore them. I remember hearing it for the first time at my friend Brittany's house. I thought it was so cool and, like, edgy or something because there's a curse word so prominent in the lyrics. I'm over that now (obviously...this is especially funny if you check out the full cast album for Spring Awakening---curse words abound), but I still enjoy this song. And I'll always be especially fond of it even though it's not my favorite by MCR. (Don't ask me which is, I need to think about it...)

That's what my month in music was like! Now I'd LOVE to hear from you! What have you been into? Any new obsessions? Favorite songs? What do you think of the songs and artists I've been into? Let me know your thoughts! :)

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