Monday, April 18, 2016

My Week on Bookstagram (April 11-17)

My Week on Bookstagram is a new weekly feature on Bookish Lifestyle designed to share with you all the bookstagram posts I made in the past 7 days (Monday-Sunday), as well as feature one of my favorite bookstagrammers, so you can hopefully discover someone new you totally should be following :) 

The posts will go live sometime on Monday, after I have compiled all the photos from the past week. 

The lovely Candace from Candace's Book Blog used to host a similar recap on her blog, but I don't think she's still doing that. Nevertheless, I would like you to know that this was, in part, inspired by her posts! :) 

Featuring The First Time She Drowned by Kerry Kletter, pins included in the April OwlCrate box by the lovely Lauren from

@bookwormboutique and Belle's Library candle from @anthologycandles

Featuring my Book Haul from the month of March, candles by Anthology Candles and Half Oak Candles and my Shatter Me inspired mug - you can find it on Society6

Featuring feather pen included in the April OwlCrate box, my lovely planner from PlumPaper on Etsy, and my anniversary edition of Harry Potter.

Featuring my Snitch necklace I got for review from Amazon and Snape FunkoPop figure included in one of the earlier OwlCrate boxes.

Featuring my two editions of Alice in Wonderland and the amazing Mad Hatter's Tea Party candle from Anthology Candles (on Etsy)

Featuring my #CurrentlyReading mug

Featuring my awesome Banned Books socks from Out Of Print, The Darkest Corners by Kara Thomas, my Just Read Pillow and my What I Read journal from the December OwlCrate box
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Andie over at @_halfbl00dprincess is one of the very first bookstagrammers I followed. She's also the one who inspired me to improve my book photography and keep my feed clean, which proved to be exactly what I needed to take my account to the next level. She continues to be an inspiration every day. 

Like me, she's a mom and like me, she loves Supernatural, books and bookish merch. I absolutely adore her as a person, she's sweet, supportive, honest, funny and just all around lovely. She always takes time to reply to the many comments she gets, even though she's extremely popular and she gets thousands of comments every day! She's just an incredibly sweet person and I am lucky to be one of her friends.

Andie is also one of my amazing representatives on bookstagram, she helps me promote my bookish designs and she's doing one helluva job! :) 

I absolutely adore this person, so guys, be sure to check out her account and follow her (if you aren't following her already). 

Thanks for reading and till next week! :)

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