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Indie Author Spotlight: Clara Stone (Excerpt & Giveaway)

Time for another Indie Author feature in a series of spotlights I'm going to be doing once a month! If you'd like to know more, check out this post.

This month, we're spotlighting an author I ADORE who writes amazing romantic stories...

Clara Stone!

About Clara

Clara Stone lives in the beautiful city of Boise, ID. Unlike what most believe about Idaho, it’s more than a sack full of potatoes. When she’s not writing, you’ll catch Clara reading mostly YA books and enjoying time with her family. She is a proud CW TV addict.

The Dracian Legacy is her first YA paranormal romance series. She strongly believes that true love conquers all and that’s a common theme you’ll find within her novels.


From Fearless for Love...

“Okay, we’re gonna try something a little different. Give me your hand.”

He looks at me, his head tilted, that cocky smirk playing across his lips and mischief dancing in those bright hazel eyes.

“Just trust me, okay? I’ve done this before. I’m going to guide you,” I explain, pointing to his hand.

His grin widens, a small dimple appearing at the corner of his lips.

Why is he smiling like that? I rehash the last sentence I said, twice, before I see how not-so-innocent it sounded. My cheeks heat up and I momentarily look down. Then I force myself to stand up tall and look him straight in the eye. Well, as much as I can, given that he’s a giant next to me. “Get your head out of the gutter, pervert.”

“Hey, now. No need to throw insults,” he says. “I’ll have you know, plenty of women have left my bed fully satisfied.”

“Um . . .” Awkward.

“Seriously, most of them couldn’t stop grinning for a month after . . .” He thrusts his hips forward with a wink.

I groan. “Is that the kind of pick-up line that usually gets you laid?”

He grins. “I don’t need a pick-up line to get laid, sweetheart. Have you seen this?” He gestures to himself. “I usually have a line of women falling at my feet—”

“Well, I don’t see anyone lining up now,” I mumble under my breath.

“What was that?” Harrington asks, leaning in with a hand to his ear and an expression that clearly says he heard me. “I couldn’t hear you over all that jealousy.”

I feel heat flush through my cheeks. God, this boy is annoying. Cute. But oh so annoying. And that smirk. I just want to knock it right off his face.

He blinks, innocently. And then blinks again, clearly waiting for me to say or do something.

“Right. Okay. Where were we? Right.” I grab his hand, pull open his palm, and place the stone in it, positioning it against his smooth skin. Then I turn his body to the side and place my hand over his huge one. And by “huge,” I mean, mine’s engulfed inside his. I can’t help but think about that old adage about the size of a man’s hand reflecting the size of his—

No! Stop it. Do not think about that. Focus, Jess. Focus.

“Now,” I say, pulling his arm back and trying to ignore the way my cheeks flame. Everything feels so out of place. We stand in this weird position where I can barely see what’s in front of me and I realize the flaw in my plan—Harrington isn’t a little kid.

“Okay, this isn’t working.” I sigh, frustrated, and step away from him. I rub my forehead with one hand and place the other over my hip, trying to figure out another way.

“I thought you said you’d done this before,” he says, turning to face me.

“I did. With little kids that were less than half my size, so I could manipulate their movements.” I wave at him. “You . . . well, you’re too big.”

He grins. I can almost see the innuendo forming on his lips.

“Oh shut it, Harry,” I say dryly.

His grin fades. “Don’t call me that.”

“Call you what? Harry?”

“Yes. Though, if you’re into nicknames, I’d be happy to give you a list of them: Sex God, Stud, Best Night Ever . . . there are just so many to choose from!”

I throw my hands in the air. “You’re so damn frustrating. You know what? Forget it.” I whip around and walk away, just as I should have the first time.

“Wait!” Harrington calls after me. “Hey, wait.”

“What?” I ask, swiveling around. “What do you want?”

“Teach me how to skip stones,” he says. “Come on, I even used the right terminology. That’s gotta mean something, right?”

He has a point there.

I think on it for a second, watching him. He actually looks sincere, his face serious and open, pleading almost. “No more joking around.”

He mimes zipping his mouth and locks it, throwing away the key.

“And no more innuendos.”

He crosses his heart and grins. “I’ll be on the best of the bestest behavior.”



I stare at him for a moment, unsure why I can’t seem to just turn and walk away. What is it about him that’s keeping me from leaving? Finally, I relent, deciding to stick it out and see what happens. “Well, in that case . . .” I extend my hand. “I’m Jessica. Jessica Owens, not related to the movie actor.”

He slips his hand into mine and gives it a firm handshake, returning my smile. It’s the first genuine one I’ve seen from him, and I feel myself relax. “Nice to meet you, Jessica, Jessica Owens, who’s not related to the movie actor.”

I grin wider. God I hope I don’t regret this.

About Fearless for Love

Fearless For Love (Lovelly, #3)
Release Date: April 15th, 2016 
Goodreads | Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | Kobo | Apple iBooks
Harrington Lovelly has always been the black sheep of his family. A spontaneous troublemaker with sarcastic charm and good looks to spare, he’s the wild card, the brother no one knew how to control. And he likes it that way. Now, on the cusp of turning twenty-five, he’s fighting for what he believes is right, fighting to save his best friend Fisher from the most notorious underground fight club in Florida. He’s fearless . . . in everything but love.

Twenty-three-year-old Jessica Owens is done throwing her life away for a promise she made to her deceased father. Leaving behind everything she’s ever known in the hopes of starting a new life is the single most daring act of rebellion she’s ever done, but she’s determined. This time, her past won’t haunt her. This time, she’ll get it right. This time, she might even fall in love.

Neither Jessica nor Harrington know what fate has in store for them, but when Harrington’s efforts to save his friend bring him to the very town Jessica escaped to, they’ll find their paths crossing in a classic case of being in the right place at the right time. And this time, they’ll have to fight hard to rise above everything standing in their way. Together.

Gritty, action-packed, and breathtaking, Fearless For Love brings a darker edge to the series, while still keeping the signature, heart-wrenching emotion of its predecessors. A story at once akin and completely unlike that of the first two installments, it asks the question: how do you love, when love is what you fear most?

More of Clara's Books

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Clara is sponsoring a giveaway for a paperback cope of Fearless for Love! Check out the rules and then enter below!

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