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How We're Getting Ready for Christmas with Santafier by FCTRY!

Hey guys! Hope you're doing great and the Holiday spirit is in full bloom in your homes! I haven't been this excited for Christmas in a very long time! I loved Christmas as a child - it was a magical and wonderful time filled with presents, the smell of Christmas tree and fresh baked cookies, and of course, tons of fluffy snow! 

Tori is almost 2 now and she's big enough to enjoy the Holiday Season with us - yay! We've got a beautiful Christmas Tree, tons of Holiday-ish decorations, we'll be baking cookies and preparing a traditional Christmas supper (Polish-style!), and we're so very excited for Tori to experience all that with us :) 

I've got a nice Christmas-y dress for Tori, a Santa hat, and this fantastic new pacifier by FCTRY. I'm sure you've seen FCTRY adorable pacifiers before - these are the fun pacifiers with mustaches! They come in different colors and styles ("Ladies Man", "Cowboy" and more!). And they're simply hilarious!

I was glad to see the Santafier being released in time for Holidays. Tori still likes her "sucky", even though we've been trying to limit her "paci time" to a minimum, she still likes to suck on it whenever she's anxious or tired. And the design of this pacifier is just too fun not to own at least one! (Plus, they'd make an awesome gift!). 

If you'd like to learn more about FCTRY and their newest addition to the Mustachifier family, be sure to check out the interview with Reid Covington and Jason Feinberg of FCTRY! Thanks so much for reading and I hope you'll have an amazing Holiday Season!

Interview with Reid Covington and Jason Feinberg of FCTRY,
Introducing Santafier.
"Don't ask me... I'm Jewish", says Feinberg, when asked if his own toddler will be sporting a Santafier this Christmas. 

What does your product do? 
 It’s an offshoot of our successful flagship project, Mustachifier -- which allows parents the chance to give their babies a pacifier with a white santa mustache attached. It’s a super-fun product, and it’s right on time for the holidays. 

What drives the product in general is social media sharing of baby pictures, something that nobody else has really played to on this scale. And ultimately, it’s about the laugh you’re going to get out of your baby wearing a Santa mustache, and then about sharing that socially (check out the hashtag #mustachifier on Instagram for a sampling). 

 We’ve just started shipping product this Monday, so we only have 2-week shipping window for this season. We’re really hoping to target gift guides, especially. 

Tell us about Mustachifier’s record of success. 
 We’ve sold at this point close to 300,000 units since launching. It’s made a bigger impact than we could have imagined. We’ve done various online initiatives and are in some pretty big stores - Bed Bath and Beyond, Buy Buy Baby. We haven’t done anything in terms of direct response stuff in awhile. 

What birthed this concept in the first place? 
It was a mix of things. We came out with it at the same time that my wife and I were becoming parents, and was just a two-or-three-person company - we were the founders, she was the designer. It all surrounded the birth of our son, who’s been all over the merchandising, the packaging, and the branding from the beginning. The actual idea, which we’d been working on for two years before the launch, came from a friend a few years before. 

And what’s driven its success? 
 It did really well with people, and we ended up spinning off the brand as a really playful, hipster-edged baby lifestyle brand. Kim Kardashian’s used it with her baby boy, and Poppy Delevingne, the model, has also used our products. Meanwhile, our sunglasses line has become as big, if not bigger, than the pacifiers at this point. A Brooklyn hipster style baby brand, all spawned from us as parents wanting fun stuff to put on our son. 

And also, looking around - most of our inspiration is coming out of the world around us - the trends that we were seeing in the street and baby-fying with these products, like mustaches. 

Santafier’s our first seasonal product, launched with winter accessories like beanies and gloves.

More about the Santafier:
photo credit: FCTRY 

  • 100% BPA free
  • Features orthodontic nipple design, and a silicone nipple
  • Sized for infants 0-6 months (but safe to use with older children)
  • Mustache is made of soft, flexible teether material 
  • Dual-injected mustache cannot be detached from the pacifier
  • Pacifier shield is made of firm plastic and features ventilation holes
Learn more/purchase here: FCTRY

Disclosure: this post is sponsored by FCTRY.

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