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Musical Musings: Busy September

Musical Musings is a new feature where I'll be talking about music! There'll be two posts a month---the first of which will be about some random musical topic, and the second post of the month (like this one!) will be a recap of my month in music. To learn more about this feature and whatnot, click here to check out my introduction post! :)

*This is my recap for September! I'm JUST NOW getting to it because school has been kicking my butt. So I'm posting this recap today, next week I'll post my random musical post for October, and then a few days after that will be my recap for October. Just wanted to let y'all know what was up! :)*

This Month's Playlist

My main word for September has been BUSY. Another word that could define my month could be STRESS. I've had so much to do in so little time. Because of this, September was a month where I didn't do much thinking at all about my music. I listened to what I liked, what made me happy or made me calm, or was just nagging in my head. I didn't put much thought into why, and quite honestly I did not care.

Since I was a busy bee, I didn't take a huge amount of time to make a playlist. Most of what I listened to in September came from one of three places:

1) I heard it on the radio in the car, and it got stuck in my head.
2) It's by Dave Matthews, therefore makes me feel both calm and happy, so OF COURSE.
3) It was in my head for whatever reason.

So from those three places, I made a short playlist (only 21 songs) called North (<= click to check it out!), which contains the songs I was most into in September. It doesn't have everything I was listening to, because a lot of it was on the radio and other random places, but you get the gist of my month.

Top Six Songs of the Month

Downtown - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Eric Nally, Melle Mel, 

Kool Moe Dee, & Grandmaster Caz

Dear goodness there are a lot of people on this song. But IT'S A NEW SONG BY MACKLEMORE AHHHH. So I am so on board. Well, at first I wasn't. The first time or three I heard it, I thought it was over the top. But then I kept hearing it, and it grew on me, and now I love it. It's so catchy! I especially love the part where he's like, "I'm going 38, Dan, chill the **** out.." That whole little part. I don't want to type it out because of curse words, but you know the part when you hear it. Anyway, this song has seriously grown on me.

Locked Away - R City feat. Adam Levine

I love Adam Levine. I had no clue who R City was until this song, but I heard Adam Levine and was all over this song like whoa. Unlike with Downtown, Locked Away didn't need any time to grow on me. I heard it, and liked it right away. I just really enjoy it. "If I showed you my flaws, if I couldn't be strong..." Ahhhhh Adam Leviiiineeeeee.

Someone New - Hozier

Obligatory Hozier song. Because duh. For real, though, I was in the car outside of Walmart waiting for my dad to come out with whatever he had gone inside to get, and this song came on the radio. I WAS SO HAPPY. Partly because I am always happy to hear Hozier, and partly because this was a song by him I had not heard before. And it was fantastic! Now I know all the words and I love it and it so deserves a listen.

Cheerleader - OMI

This song is a total freaking ear worm. It's also kind of cute, but more than that it just gets STUCK IN YOUR HEAD AND DOES NOT GO AWAY. Leaving you (and by you I mean me) with no choice but to like it. So I like this song. It's catchy and simple and I sort of laugh at it sometimes, but I don't change it when it comes on the radio, so...

Honey, I'm Good. - Andy Grammar

This one is another ear worm, but I LOVE IT. I don't laugh at it or anything, I just enjoy the crap out of it. It's so catchy and for some reason always reminds me of Cotton Eyed Joe but whatever. "Nah, nah, Honey, I'm good." It's sweeeeet. Bonus points for having Matt Slays and Rebecca Zamolo in the music video. SLAY.

Ants Marching - Dave Matthews Band

Picking a favorite song by Dave Matthews Band is pretty much impossible. My answer today will definitely not be the same as my answer tomorrow. BUT I can say with absolute certainty that Ants Marching is among my favorites by DMB (along with I don't know how many others, but that is not the point here). This one particularly sticks out in my mind because a couple summers ago (don't ask me how many because I cannot for the life of me remember) DMB was coming to Austin. So of course there was advertisements on the radio all like GET YOUR TICKETS. In these ads, Ants Marching was played. A couple others were, too---just little snippets---but Ants Marching was the one I didn't recognize right off the bat then, AND it got the longest portion of the ad, so it caught my ear. "People in every direction..." I loved the sound of the little part they played. So I looked it up, of course, and now it's one of my favorites by DMB and it worms its way into my brain from time to time, demanding I listen. You know, like it did this month.

And that's it for the songs I really have anything to say about. Slide by the Goo Goo Dolls was one that would be on this list, but right now I don't have much to say about it other than that I just really wanted to listen to it. Same goes for Budapest and Holy Grail. And... pretty much everything else on the North playlist except Photograph (it was on the radioooo) and the Dave Matthews songs.

That's what my month in music was like! Now I'd LOVE to hear from you! What have you been into? Any new obsessions? Favorite songs? What do you think of the songs and artists I've been into? Let me know your thoughts! :)

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