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Review & Cover Reveal: The Touch of Betrayal and For Love Of The Enemy by Taryn Scarlett

Adult Fiction, Erotica, Retelling, Romance, Historical 
Publication.Date  July 28th 2015
Published By:  The Studio, a Paper Lantern Lit imprint
AuthorTaryn Scarlett

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My review copy:Received from the author  in exchange for an honest review.
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For fans of Anita Diamant’s The Red Tent comes the second novella in the scintillating SIN & HONEY series featuring the Bible’s most powerful and seductive women…

So Delilah said to Samson, “Tell me the secret of your great strength.”—Judges 16:6 
Delilah would do anything to escape her past.
Falling for Samson only got in the way.

Taryn Scarlett’s lush reimagining of Samson and Delilah uncovers the hidden truth behind the girl who became the most infamous seductress in history. 
Delilah has come to the quiet valley of Sorek to start a new life, but when a man blackmails her with a devastating secret, she learns that not all sins can be buried in the past. In a dangerous bargain for her freedom, she agrees to seduce Samson, a notorious killer threatening the region—and if she can’t uncover the secret to his strength, she’ll forfeit her life

But Samson is different than any man she has ever met before: godlike in his strength but guarding a passionate vulnerability that draws Delilah to him. Will she betray the man she has begun to fall for—or will she betray her own heart for freedom?

She was only a woman. They were weak to think she could pose them any threat. 
Then again, they were weak. And her body did gleam like a bright bronze sword. Her lips were an infamous poison. Her hair was a net to entrap them. She had blood on her hands. 
As long as they called her beautiful. So long as they paid. 

     The Touch of Betrayal was a very pleasant surprise. I don't usually read biblical retellings - I tend to shy away from any sort of books dealing with religious themes or revolving around characters we know from the Bible. It's mostly because, from my personal experience, many of them are either preachy or offensively dismissive. Seeing how this wasn't just a retelling, but also a romance with elements of erotica, I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this book. I am, however, extremely happy to report that the second installment in the Sin & Honey series completely blew me away!

     In this novella, Taryn Scarlett focuses on the story of Delilah, the seductress who helped take down the invincible Samson. Delilah is one of the dangerous temptresses is the Hebrew Bible. She is known for having sexual relationships with various men in exchange for goods and money. She is also famous for seducing Samson, discovering his weakness and betraying him. And yet, despite the significant role she played, we do not know much more about her, her origin or real motivations. And that is where Taryn Scarlett steps in with her retelling of Delilah and Samson's story.

     The Touch of Betrayal is very captivating, written in a fluid and enjoyable prose, and really well balanced. It's erotica, but a very mild and tasteful one, focusing more on the romance and attraction, than sexual acts. I thought Taryn did a fabulous job portraying Delilah's character and making her a more complex and relatable heroine. Delilah is no longer this one-dimensional, loathsome, money-obsessed whore. Now, we can see her for what she truly is - a girl trying desperately to survive. She's scared, lonely, vulnerable and so very human, you can actually sympathize with her.

    Because this is a romance, it's hard not to mention the drool-worthy Samson, who can pick up huge trees without even breaking a sweat. He's an eye-candy through and through, and Taryn did an awesome job describing both his physical attributes and his emotional complexity. He, too, is a multi-dimensional character. Samson was given supernatural strength by God to execute vengeance on his enemies, the Philistines. He has only two weaknesses - one of them are untrustworthy women.

     The Touch of Betrayal comes with a great twist. Taryn Scarlett doesn't just retell the well known story, she expands on it, gives it more depth, more meaning, and throws in a couple of very pleasant surprises. I really loved this version of Delilah's story and will definitely be reading all the other novellas in the Sin & Honey series.

About the author:

Taryn Scarlett holds a B.A. in Theater and English with a concentration in Creative Writing. Her weaknesses are chocolate, floral sundresses, soapy TV dramas, and anything purple. SIN AND HONEY is her first series. You can visit Taryn at

Cover Reveal:

I am extremely excited to be revealing the cover of the third novella in the SIN & HONEY series, For The Love of The Enemy!

COMING 9/1- SIN AND HONEY: For Love of the Enemy (2.99)

Since the first day he saw her, he had been waiting for an opportunity to seduce her. –Judith 12:17

Judith fought for justice.
Bagoas reasoned for peace.
Holofernes thirsted for blood.

In this third Sin & Honey novella, Taryn Scarlett explores the provocative story of Judith, a woman tormented by the war in her country—and the war in her heart.

A young widow living in devastated country, Judith is forced to watch as the ferocious Assyrian general Holofernes slaughters her people. Desperate to save her family, she decides to take matters into her own hands: she will seduce the general and get into his bed—where she can kill him, and end the war.

But once Judith steals into enemy territory masquerading as an Israeli defector, she meets Bagoas, a soldier on a mission for peace. Aroused by his honor, Judith has a terrifying choice to make: let her people suffer and die, or sacrifice true love for the greater good.
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