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Musical Musings: To Be Juliet's Secret

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To Be Juliet's Secret

I've been really into this band, To Be Juliet's Secret, this month. I've known about them and have been listening to them for a while, and from time to time I get EXTRA into them. Like, a-majority-of-my-current-playlist-is-this-one-band extra. So I thought I'd talk about them and point you in the direction of some of my favorite of their songs.

I found TBJS on YouTube, back in 2010-2011. I was more of a loner then than I am now, and spent loads of time on the computer. During this time, I naturally used YouTube to listen to music (I've never really been one for iTunes--maybe someday?). I was completely into Chase Coy, who had originally called himself Dear Juliet. So searching THAT, I came across To Be Juliet's Secret. I adored the name of the band. Romeo & Juliet is not my favorite Shakespeare play now, but then I'm pretty sure it was. I'd just finished an English class where we spent a lot of time having fun with the play. Plus, references to Romeo and his Juliet tend to infer romance, and goodness knows I'm all for romance. So I clicked on the video by this band, listened to one song, and liked it.

Over time, I came to LOVE them instead of just like. They were a band I'd listen to obsessively like any other--in phases, as I read or played some game or did anything I could listen to music while doing. And now, I still enjoy them and listen to them a bunch when I'm in the mood for them. They're a super sweet band. They sing sweet songs. Which means it totally makes sense that I love them, me being all into sweetness and whatnot.

Now for some of my favorite To Be Juliet's Secret songs...

And She Said

This was the very first To Be Juliet's Secret song I ever remember listening to, and it's definitely the first I remember loving. I liked that it was a duet, and I was also a huge fan of the whole "oh wait, Miss Lovely" because I thought that was cute. I still think it's cute. Because this song is seriously cute. Which is ironic considering the book that comes to mind when I hear this song is After the Moment, which is NOT a sweet book. But I was reading it at the same time as bashing in the repeat button on this song, so... I don't think I loved the book (I LOVE the author's book Stay with Me endlessly, but this one not so much), but I sure as heck love this song.

The Clock Strikes Two

The second song I fell in love with by TBJS. And the first one I ever took the time to WRITE OUT THE LYRICS FOR so I could learn them. I'm really a fan of TBJS's duets. Or pretty much anything with the guy's voice in it. The girl sounds beautiful, but I don't know... there's just something about the guy's voice that makes me want to listen to ALL OF THE THINGS. And them both together... goodness. I was a sucker for it. Still am. And no matter how much new stuff I find from this band, this song will probably be around the top of my list of favorites.

Goodbye was Always Your Favorite Word

Yeah, that's right. A song 100% what-ever-this-guy's-name-is. (Side note: I really need to look that up.) I didn't know there were songs that weren't either all the girl or duets until a while after I got into To Be Juliet's Secret. Since I'm such a fan of this dude's voice, I'm sure you can guess how happy pants I was to find out that this is, in fact, a thing. Not a common thing, but it existed and I was so happy. This song was the first I found like this and it'll always be a favorite of mine for this band. It's one of the TBJS songs I'm ALWAYS into--even when I'm not on a To Be Juliet's Secret kick. It sounds fantastic and it's beautiful and I adore it.

Hello Love Goodbye

Oh, look. Another duet. I got into this particular song later than I did others. It was over a year ago, but it wasn't my freshman year of high school either. So it's more fresh in my mind, which kind of gives it a leg up on others, but that said I really liked learning the words of this one. And singing along. Because that's what I do. And in doing that, I realized that I SO like the words of this song. What gets me about TBJS is that their songs remind me so much of romance books and how things are and feelings during them and whatnot. This song in particular was one I could see in my head as a story.

Wrong from the Start

THIS SONG. OHMYGOSH THIS SONG. This is one of those songs that I LOVE but I kind of forget about until I'm thinking hard for songs I'm a huge fan of by To Be Juliet's Secret. Normally, this song doesn't randomly come to mind. But when I'm in a mood for the sweetness of this band or something, at some point "Wrong from the Start" will always pop into my brain. Another duet, of course, and I love it. I also love a song of theirs called "The Coldest Heart" which is not on this list because I made myself choose between THIS song and that one--because they're seriously lumped together in my head. I found them around the same time, learned the words around the same time, and alternated listening to them. I think I enjoy "Wrong from the Start" just a smidge more, though.

Speed it up Kid

This is a much more recent find for me. I believe it was a suggested song on Spotify (because when you listen to a playlist on a loop long enough, Spotlify will try to push you into broadening your horizons and listening to things that are not on your playlist--even though the whole POINT of listening to a playlist is to listen to the songs you chose for that list...) ANYWAY. Suggested by Spotify. And it was so catchy. "Speed it up, kid, just a little more..." I don't know all the words yet, but I already like the sound. Kind of different from their other stuff, but in a way that I so enjoy.

Make a Move

Another suggestion from Spotify. The first line caught my attention straight away. "Can you take a chance on me, 'cause I can take a chance on you." Then all the way through, this song is full of words I really really like. It's another one that strikes me as very romance-novel-y, but at a different stage. A stage I am quite a fan of. So while this song doesn't have as much of the guy in it as the others I love, I still highly enjoy this song. Plus, I mean... "Everything we make is gold." I LOVE THAT.

Too Tired to Fall in Love

The most recent win in of my Spotify suggestions. Like "Speed it up Kid," I find this one so freaking catchy. I can't help but adore it. "Whoa, whoa, pick up the microphone, sing to me like we're all alone." Love. It. Another one that is kind of a diversion from their regular sound (which I think is just how that whole album, Laced with Fear, is and that's cool), but again it is in a way I like. A lot. I am so tempted to listen to this song on repeat right now.

Sound of a Heartbreak

I never paid much attention to this song until right now. Like, literally NOW. I was making my list and going through TBJS's songs on Spotify (they all sound a million times better there, by the way!) and wanted to make sure I wasn't pissing anything, so I clicked play on THIS SONG. Fantastic decision on my part because it is stunning. From the opening piano (and ALL of the piano throughout the rest of the song) to the fact that this is another 100% guy song to the WORDS he is singing... dear goodness. I am in love. I may have a new favorite To Be Juliet's Secret song. (The more I listen to this, the more I KNOW I have a new favorite.)

So those are some of my favorites by a band I adore, To Be Juliet's Secret! I said this already, but I'm gonna say it again--(most of) their songs sound a million times better on Spotify (QUALITY WHEEEE), so if you want to check them out, just click here to go to the band's Spotify account.

Now I'd LOVE to hear from you! Have you heard of TBJS before? If you have, do you like them? What's your favorite of their songs?! And if you haven't, do you plan on checking them out (or have you checked them out already)? Do you like?! Let me know what you think! :)

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