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A Fox's Love by Brandon Varnell (Interview + Exceprt + Giveaway)

Title: A Fox's Love
Author: Brandon Varnell
Series: American Kitsune #1
Release Date: February 25, 2014
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Humor, Romance
Find it: Goodreads | Amazon
The story of a boy, a fox, and a whole lot of ecchi…

Kevin Swift has the worst luck with women. It’s not that he’s unattractive or even unpopular. He just can’t talk to them. He blames it on all those Shōnen love comedies he enjoys watching. Fortunately, or unfortunately―depending on who’s asking―Kevin’s love life is about to start looking up.

After saving a fox’s life Kevin discovers that he actually rescued a Kitsune, a shape-shifter capable of transforming into a beautiful girl who appears to have popped right out of the pages to a Shōnen manga. Her name is Lilian, and she apparently wants to mate with him.

Between dealing with an overly amorous vixen’s zealous attempts at getting into his pants, his inability to talk to girls and school, Kevin is going to have his hands full.


Welcome to Bookish, Brandon! Could you tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind A Fox's Love?

Thanks for having me, and I'd be delighted to tell you about my inspiration. My story was actually inspired by a combination of things. The first, and probably most important, are the many anime and manga that I have watched and read. Some people might not know this, but anime is basically just the abbreviation used to describe a cartoon. We typically use anime as the term for cartoons made in Japan. And manga is the equivalent of a Japanese comic book. Stories told using tropes found in Japanese pop culture are a lot different than what we westerners are generally used to, and anime and manga have always intrigued me, ever since I was a little kid and saw my first episode of Pokemon.

My second form of inspiration came from Japanese mythology and the mythos on yōkai in particular. Another Japanese word, yōkai is actually used to classify a group of spiritual entities that can take on many different forms depending on what type of yōkai they are. There's Inu (dog spirits), kitsune (fox spirits), yuki-onna (snow maidens), and many, many other different types of yōkai, each of which has their own unique history and various stories surrounding them. Yōkai are well-known for their shape-shifting abilities, which I've always enjoyed reading about because it means they can assume wholly human identities. Your best friend might be a yōkai and you would never know it.

If you could spend a day with one your characters, who would you choose, where would you go, and what would you talk about?

Oh, that's a really good question, and a hard one, too. If I could spend the day with any character, I think I'd have to say Eric. To be honest, though, I don't think he and I would do much talking. I'd simply watch as he constantly gets in trouble. When I made Eric, I actually based him off a trope called “The Butt Monkey,” which basically means he's the butt end of every demeaning joke. If something bad happens, chances are good it will happen to him, and it will likely be hilarious. It helps that he's a lecherous fiend and deserves every ounce of punishment he gets. But yeah, I'd simply follow him around as he does his thing and film him hitting on girls and subsequently getting smacked down. I think it would make a great Youtube video.

What is the hardest line to write - the first or the last?

I feel like this is a trick question. To be honest, I don't really think there's any part that's too difficult to write. Tricky, maybe, but not necessarily difficult. If I had to answer, though, I guess it would be the last simply because it's hard to find a good place to end my stories. I always want to keep writing for them, especially when I get in the groove of writing.

What is it like seeing your book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, etc?

It's cool. I know there are a lot of people out there who, like me, have self-published their books, and I know that some people sneer at self-publishing, but I still think it's really awesome to see my book available for others to read. Terrifying, nerve-wracking, and downright nail-biting, but also awesome.

Did you have to overcome any fears that first time you sat down to write?

Not really. My first experience with writing I just sat down and sort of started writing. I think the real fear came from putting my work out where everyone can see it. My biggest fear is that people won't like what I write, that they'll read it and find it wanting.


"Welcome home,” her voice sounded like the gentle tinkling of wind chimes. It was lilting and beautiful and if Kevin were not already on the ground, that would have surely sent him down. "I missed you."

"Wha... Who... Eh...?"

Wow, monosyllables. As always, Kevin manages to speak with an eloquence that astounds all who hear him.

"Oh, that's right, you don't really know who I am since you haven't seen me like this before," the girl giggled. It was a beautiful sound and it sent all kinds of shivers down Kevin's spine. It was good thing then, that he wasn't really all there. Who knows what else that sound would have done to him if he were. "My name is Lilian Pnévvma, but you may call me Lilly, or anything else you would prefer."

Despite her words, Kevin was not listening. Rather, the sole focus of his mind seemed to be going towards his vision, which would explain why he was staring at the girl with a stupid, open mouthed look on his face. We should probably just be glad he wasn’t drooling like some kind of moron.

"However, I would be particularly pleased if you called me You Sexy Thing You."

With the light from the large window across the room creating beams of luminescence that illuminated her form, this girl, Lilian, seemed almost like an angel. Her long locks of gloriously red hair looked like it was on fire and there was a strange halo effect surrounding her, causing her perfectly unblemished and silky skin to gain an almost ethereal glow.

"My three sizes are 99-58-90. Oh! Wait," Lilian suddenly looked thoughtful as she tapped her lower lip with the tip of her index finger and scrunched her nose cutely. Kevin made a strangled sound at the utterly bewitching expression of adorable thoughtfulness on her face that went ignored by the girl doing the face making. "You Americans don't use the Metric System, do you? In which case, my three sizes would be 39-23-35."

Kevin didn't know how someone who couldn't be much older than him could have such an incredible hip to bust ratio. Of course, that was going off the assumption that he was actually paying attention to what she said, which he most assuredly was not. There were other, more distracting things keeping his mind occupied.

Like the fact that this girl was still naked.

"I don't really have much experience with this kind of thing, but then, given your age, I don't really think you have too much either.” Her cute smile was back in place as she looked down at him. “I'm really looking forward to learning more about you as we deepen and explore our relationship together."

Really, how was it possible for someone, anyone to be this beautiful? Surely there was some kind of universal law that said everyone had some kind of imperfection. Even her feet seemed to be perfect. Perfect feet! What the heck was up with that!?

"I know we have just met recently, but if you wish to explore the more... physical aspects of our relationship, I would have no issues if we started right now." And with that, she clasped her hands behind her back, the act causing her to unconsciously push up her already magnificent bust.

Or maybe not unconsciously. This girl had to know what her body did to boys his age, right? In either case, poor Kevin was unable to withstand anymore stimulation. He let out a strangled gurgle, his eyes rolled into the back of his head, and his arms gave out, causing him to fall onto his back. The last thing he saw before darkness claimed him was bright green irises surrounded by crimson strands of hair.


Open to residents in US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Britain and Australia
Ends May 28, 2015 // Cheaters Never Prosper

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