Friday, February 28, 2014

Feature Follow: Plot Change

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Plot Change

This answer is pretty easy for me. If I could change the plot or ending of any book out there, I would change the ending to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Though I wouldn't be changing the ending so much and deleting the epilogue. I remember turning that last page and thinking, "An epilogue?" It was such a disappointment and so unnecessary.

I guess I get the why behind it. The epilogue definitely gives the series a finite ending. Whether it was so her readers wouldn't ask questions or she wouldn't be tempted to continue the series is only something I can speculate. I know with series enders, I prefer something in the middle of the two. While I appreciate everything wrapped up (Lord Voldemort is dead, his followers are going to jail, all is right right with the world), I don't care to know that our characters grow up to marry their high school sweethearts, give their children the weirdest names I've ever heard, and had some of their kids around the same time. Even Draco has a kid around the same age and married somebody from Hogwarts!

I think the ending sans epilogue is much more powerful and meaningful.

How do you feel about the ending/epilogue to Harry Potter? Would you take it out as well or would you leave it in? What book plot thread or ending would you change?

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