Wednesday, November 20, 2013

If We Were Having Coffee…

This is a very cute idea that Jamie at the Perpetual Page Turner borrowed from Ashley at Your Super Awesome Life. Essentially, it's what we would talk to you about if we were having coffee together. I think Jamie put it perfectly when she said that sometimes it seems like "we forget that there is a whole life behind the people that write and read blogs."I think she has a point. Sometimes it's easy to just read a post, maybe comment, and then move onto the next post. So let's have a chat, shall we?

If we were having coffee . . . I would tell you how completely obsessed I am with my dog Bentley. While I will always call my year-and-a-half-old German Shepherd my little puppy, his 90-pounds begs to differ. I love playing with him, cuddling with him (when he lets me), taking him for walks, and just all around spoiling him! Honestly, if I could get paid to be a stay-at-home dog mom, I would absolutely take that opportunity.

If we were having coffee . . . I would tell you how much I love being a part of Bookish. I started my own blog in October 2012, but joined Bookish as a part-time reviewer in May 2013. After a couple months of juggling both blogs, I decided it was time to leave Beauty but a Funny Girl behind and focus all my blog energy to Bookish. It wasn't an easy decision, but I haven't regretted my choice. I love this blog and I love our team.

If we were having coffee . . . I would tell you how lax I've been in the work out department and how much I hate it. I've never really found a workout regime I could stick with until I found Blogilates. I love everything about it. Cassey is so addictive that it's hard not to enjoy. However, when I started my new job I had to figure out how to work it into my schedule. I too tired after to work and just want to relax, so my only option is to wake up at 6:00 a.m., which is no easy task.

If we were having coffee . . . I would tell you how much I love teaching, but hate not having a teaching job and part of me regrets getting my degree in this field. I graduated from college in 2010 and have still not found a teaching job. I'm lucky enough to have a full time job, but it's not my passion. In my area, it is very hard to find a teaching job, especially in the English field. Openings are few and far between and you're lucky enough if you get called in for an interview, let alone are chosen for the job. I absolutely love teaching (I was lucky enough to have three long term substitute jobs), but I always assumed by this time in my life I would have have that teaching job.

If we were having coffee . . . I would tell you how I just flew through Endless by Jessica Shirvington and I'm contemplating buying a plane ticket to Australia so I can get Empower before it's released in the US this May. Okay, so maybe I'm not really going to buy a plane ticket to Australia, though Evie and I have talked about this, lol. This series is absolutely amazing and I love everything about it - it is by far one of the best angel series out there.

If we were having coffee . . . I would tell you how much I am looking forward to the Holiday season. Everybody comes together and puts their bullshit aside and just basks in the family love. Plus it's nice to see everyone together.

If we were having coffee . . . I would ask you if there has been anything monumental happen in your life lately? I haven't had anything big happen with me lately, which could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you look at.

If we were having coffee . . . I would tell you how special you are. To me. To your family. To your friends. To your readers (if you blog or write). To those blogs you comment on (or just read). To the stranger on the street that you smiled at. To cashier you told to have a good day.

What are something you would tell me if we were having coffee? Good, bad, beautiful, ugly, happy, or depressing. Lay it on me, kids. Once you've finished having coffee with me, head on over and have coffee with Jamie or Ashley.

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